Vodacom Funny Festival

The Vodacom Funny Festival 2012 is in full swing. With local and international acts playing to sold out crowds every night, it’s been an absolute roller coaster of laughter. (It has to be said, there is more laughter backstage)

The Cast of the Funny Fest, Presenting Archbishop Desmond Tutu with a cheque from Vodacom

Last year I was part of the Funny Festival as the token ‘hot girl’ and I came out onto stage twice, in increasingly teeny bathing suits as part of a gag. This year Eddy Cassar asked me if I was interested in being part of the family again. I absolutely love the energy backstage, and being with all the talented comedians helps a newbie comic like me grow exponentially, just by watching them every night.

I obviously jumped at the chance, but put my foot down against being the token ‘bikini girl’ again. This year you can catch me opening the show as Lady Macbeth (with a twist, of course) and I make a brief cameo as the “Jive girl” in a red ball-gown this time… On select nights Eddy even lets me do a little bit of my own stand up comedy. Opening the show, on opening night with 7 minutes of material will go down as one of the most memorable and amazing performances ever. It is a treat to perform to a theatre crowd after months of club-gigs where you have to vie for attention.

One of the best acts of the Festival was The Boy with Tape on His Face. Who is actually a very chatty and incredibly funny New Zealander who slaps tape across his mouth on stage and performs the most offbeat, out the box type of humour you’d ever imagine.

Sadly, he’s left to continue with his world domination, but here’s a youtube of him performing at the Royal Variety Show 2011… yes, for the queen.

He performed most of those (and more) on our stage, every night was a different show as audience members reacted differently.

The rest of the acts, like Gamarjobat (Japan) and Kev Orkian (UK/Armenia) and others are also top class and brilliant. You can search them on youtube or book to come to the festival, (if you can find a ticket as it’s nearly sold out)

SA acts include Marc Lottering, Kurt Schoonraad, KG Mokgadi, Oliver Booth and Piet Potgieter…

All pulled together by the incomparable talents of Alan Committie as host. A man who makes me laugh out loud every single night with his wit and comedic delivery.

Don’t miss it.

*Funny high five*

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