What’s a girl to wear…?

It’s the annual funny-ness fest. Fest of lol. Lol-fest. Perhaps.

The 3rd Comics Choice Awards is happening on the 24th August 2013. And some of my besties in comedy have been nominated, and of course I’m going.

They have said the words that instill joy-and-fear in equal measures to any knock-kneed tom-boy girl who fancies herself a real girl – like Pinochio, but less Italian paint – RED CARPET.

Speaking of Italian artists.. the theme this year is sm-ART. Which is either a pun on art and smart, or the person typing Smart just sneezed as they did so. Which is possible.

But not being one who cares about public humiliation *she laughs as she casually flicks her hair and tucks her skirt into her underpants to walk down the street* I’m going to assume they mean ARTY FARTY SMARTY and embrace this, with the same clingy neediness I embrace most relationships… or cats with.

Wearing Demet Karatas - With Brent Palmer & Marc Lottering at 2012 Comics Choice Awards.

Last year I was dressed by the fabulous Demet Karatas in a raw silk little number that had me shining like an Oscar (the two legged kind) and braving the winter cold with tequila and tequila and sponsored Savanna… gargle, swallow and repeat. (We do not speak of the morning after.)

This year I feel I can stretch my comedy muscles a little more, or flex my funny-bone. If I was a boy I could make a ‘bone’ sex-pun there… gosh darn this “being a female” hindrance. BUT there is one perk (and two perky boobs – ZA WING, sex pun made it in) to being a rare-breed of female comic…. I get to stand out in my dress more. Unless the boys decide to wear dresses too, which Eddie Izzard has deemed completely normal. So there’s that.

I have a few designers offering me dresses. A few other talking about designing one for me. (How rad is life?) But I’m still not sure what I even WANT. Because I am a girl.

Visualise that scene in Clueless where she takes every piece of clothing out of her conveyor belt closet and lands up in a desperate heap on the floor… but minus the clothes and conveyor belt and just use the terms ‘Clueless’ and ‘Desperate’. Then you have an idea of me choosing clothes on a good day.

In my mind I might look like this:

Where in reality this is what you all see:

Explain myself in a nutshell? Howabout in an egg?


If ANYONE has any ideas, inspiration – thoughts or just a general need to speak out and be heard.

I’d love to hear advice or help.

Since the theme is ‘Art’ I’m thinking pop-art… perhaps even with my own face on the pop arty dress?

It’s the COMICS choice, not the oscars… but I’m still a girl. So I want to look quirky but hot.

Somewhere between THIS:

and THIS:

Posed laughter, faked friendship and Oscar statuette mandatory.

I even need help with WHAT sites to browse for ideas. So no suggestion is too lame.

(Lame? Who even uses that word anymore?! I blame the sight of those little Oscars and my mind thought of the other oscar… talk about LAME. Both in the literal and figurative sense.)

Help a sista’s style.

*high five*


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  1. Dash says:

    smART can only mean one thing. body paint. get yourself an airbrusher and go body painted. you’ll have the “hot” covered!

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