29 by 29 and Thai High Fives.

This is a random high five all round. For innovation, dreams and creative people being rad (to me).

I made a list of 29 things I wanted to do before I was 29.

One of them was to test drive a luxury sports car.

Due to a host of reasons, illness, deadlines, work and laziness not being the least of which – I didn’t manage to finish them all before the big day.

Now this is why I love the Simply Asia PR team: They have launched their campaign where you can win a trip to Thailand. (Yes, you click here) and as part of their campaign launch they approached a few of us blogging/socially media types to be part of it. (More about that in days to come.) But the attention to personal detail and little quirks is beyond any campaign I’ve ever seen.

On Air at 2oceansvibe Radio

They arrived at the 2oceansvibe Radio station this Friday during our 2 girls 1 mic broadcast. With a REAL Thai lady… who spoke my 10 words of Thai with me and presented me with a pizza box that opened up into a Thai explosion. Berry berry schneaky! Part of their campaign is to ‘Think Thai” when you’re craving take out… don’t go for the greasy pizza or fatty burger, but rather the light and delicious Thai. It’s no secret that my favourite food is Thai so I was a very happy bunny with Thai Cashew chicken noodles in the box as well as all the info and intel I need to best arm my noggin with the Think Thai Campaign. They even brought a meal for my radio co-host, Kamini.

Sawadeekah Nang faah "hello Angel"

Honestly one of the best campaign launches I’ve seen.

Om nom nom.

With meticulous personal detail right down to the fact that they had clearly paid attention to who I was and read my blog including my 29 before 29 list. Because on the top right of the activation letter (telling me the terms and conditions of the ‘Hunger Games’ we’re engaging in where we can win a trip to THAILAND!) they included this image of sign language:

Angel Thinks Thai. Yes I do.

Learning 10 things in sign language was on my 29 list. Aww you guys!

I also had “test Drive a Luxury Car” and because the campaign is THINK THAI the clever people from Simply Asia brought me a Vespa to test drive… Because in Thailand, a Vespa is a luxury vehicle.

How adorable are they? How cool do I look in a helmet?

Scooter on over

So, we played a few tracks on air to give me time to be taken for a joy-ride by Michael, the Vespa guy.


I have to give everyone epic high-fives. That was so cool and thoughtful. And it definitely got me Thinking Thai. I can feel it in my blood. Although, my scooter was somewhat less impressive when I lived in Thailand:


If I win i’m taking my roommate, award winning actor & comedian Siv Ngesi. Imagine the stories, the comedy the chaos as an actor and a comedian, one black, one white get unleashed onto the Thai world…It sounds like the script of an epic movie…  and you KNOW we’ll tweet and blog every step of the way – but more on that very soon.

*Thai high five*

To find out how to enter to win your OWN trip to Thailand, click here

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