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After a small hiatus to run around in a manner that can only be likened to a reenactment of the looming zombie apocalypse, I’m BACK in Cape Town – and my weekly Friday radio slot will resume its normal programming.

As has been the (very popular) trend of late, I will continue with the spree of showcasing all of the comedic talent this fine land has to offer. That said, all I could dredge up this week are two bearded men.

Luckily for your ears – they are very funny men.

Bradford Keen (@BradfordKeen) was recently announced as one of the nominees in the (very prestigious) South African Comics Choice Awards, as the ‘Best Newcomer’.

Westley Cockrell (@wez_undercover) was recently called ‘funny, for an Afrikaans person’ which is basically the same thing.

Westley Cockrell

Westley Cockrell is an Afrikaans speaking gentleman from George. He has been living in Cape Town for five years now and really has nothing interesting going on in his life. He someday wishes to travel to Kimberly to see the big hole.

Bradford Keen. Plays well with kids.

Bradford Keen wants to one day be known as an intellectual comedian. He is doubtful this day will ever come so for now he talks in funny voices and pulls faces – much to the delight of children and the broken-spirited. When he is not on stage he is on a yoga mat, or fiddling with words riddled with tragedy in the exciting domain of tabloid news.

To hear what these two (very funny) men have to say to the equally funny me… Tune in from 1-3pm local time (GMT +2) – accessible online, from anywhere in the world here.

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