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Imagine YOU could help someone win R500 000 worth of prizes, just by clicking twice on the internet. 

What’s that? …. you CAN! Holy smokes… this is your lucky day. Talk about a ‘good deed’… 

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE… what if i told you, that by simply clicking on a link, you could see photos that this was ‘behind the scenes’ of… 

I know, it all sounds too good to be true. But that’s the beauty of RandomHighFives…. I allow you to make dreams come true, and perv. That’s like when you slip R100 into that Russian stripper’s thong. Making her dream of going to college and buying goats for her village back home come true, at very little inconvenience to yourself. My name’s not Angel for nothing.

Here’s how: CLICK HERE and then CLICK LIKE. 

You’re welcome.


Simply by clicking ‘like’ on that page you could win tickets to The Cape Town Bike Festival. Watch this 30 second clip:
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFT_yoVqyAU]

Good, Now that I have your attention. I hope you will like the link. (what link again? THIS LINK) You can win tickets… you can make a girl’s dream of not worrying about rent money and reverting to stripping… in her bedroom. (The girl is me… by the way. In case you’re practicing full retard) and you can see that girl in latex and bikinis… plus, wouldn’t it be nice if a stand-up comedian got some votes, and became a spokesperson for Think Bike before she’s well and truly over the hill… on a dirt-bike.

And check out the rest of the @CTBFestival on Twitter. 16th-18th December.

It’s going to be sick. The good sick. Not the doctors bill kinda sick but the ‘dollar dollar bill’ yo kinda sick.

*Biker Chick High Five*

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