Adidas launches Supernova Glide Boost, and why I think they’re a rad brand.

This past Saturday I was asked to MC  the launch of Adidas’ new Supernova Glide Boost running shoes (which basically entailed a bit of unruly stand up comedy to start the day).

One thing I love about the Adidas brand is that they dress a lot of the males in comedy, and brands are usually pretty hesitant about comedians as we practice the most free of freedom of speech. We’re the willy swinging nudists of freedom. But Adidas identifies the relevance and doesn’t get to ‘corporate’ or ‘censorshippy’ about that and allows comedians to just carry on carrying on. It’s for that reason that I already owned a pair of Adidas gym shoes, because I’ll support them for supporting us.

Imagine my glee when the Adidas PR rep told me there were no ‘rules’ about my comedy and I can take it as dark as I want to. Which I did. Even down to the ‘made in China’ phenomenon, and then pointing out that Supernova Glide are made in Indonesia, so we’re one step cooler. And, true to their word, they weren’t upset with the jokes – they took them all on the chin and remained being a ‘rad brand’.


So, aside from the ‘props’ that Adidas deserves for allowing people to be people, the new shoes are awesome. Every woman invited (from radio, media and blogging worlds) got their very own pair (and socks, gym top and running tights) and in exchange, we had ‘try out the goods’ by taking the new kit on a 3km run!

The invite didn’t make it exceptionally clear that there was a run involved, so the ladies arrived in their gorgeous Capetonian stlylishness, but then got told they had to change – and run. Everyone was an amazing sport about it. (If you’ll excuse the pun). Some ladies even hadn’t worn a bra with their outfit and ran, boobies clutched in hands. Many giggles were had between gasping for breath.

We even got to make nice with real famous people as Gareth Cliff and Pabi Moloi had been flown down from JHB for the event, and (being that they actually knew about the 3km run) they pretty much won the race.

A little bit about these new shoes then? 

Adidas has the Boost technology in their rubber soles, which (technology aside) means the basically have air bubbles in them, (think Aero chocolate) that makes them more buoyant for your foot cushions. It’s been scientifically proven, so you can’t argue. Science.

What’s special about the new Supernova Glides is that they are specifically tailored to women, because us girls are looking for so much more in a shoe than mere functionality.  They’ve made them more streamlined, less bulky (so our feet don’t look bigger than they are!) and all sorts of aesthetic features that aren’t in the boys’ version.


After the run, we all made it back to the stunning Alphen Botique Hotel in Constantia, where we were greeted with breakfast canapes, bubbly (and bottles of water). We got to catch our breath, take selfies (once the red-face had subsided) and some ladies even took advantage of the sun-chairs next to the pool.

Luxury, well earned.

*High five* to Adidas, thanks for being such a rad brand.


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  1. Love the post! was lovely meeting you beautiful :)

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