Be Happier for Good Housekeeping

As you may or may not know, I staged a ‘Be Happier’ protest for my 29th Birthday. We made signs, headed off to parliament and Toyi-toyied for joyi-joyi.

The wonderful people at Good Housekeeping SA picked up on this story, via my blog and asked me to send them a little blurb and some photos….

*high five moment*

The June issue... Gwynnie makes a nice wrapping for my writing.

You can now read about the ‘be happier’ protest in the June issue of Goodhousekeeping… also available in Afrikaans. (Goeie Huishouding) apparently the editor had lots of fun translating me into the ‘Tweede taal’.

I love the full circle… how a ‘Be Happier’ protest was a ‘random high five moment’ of joy… which then got picked up – and created another (being published) Random High five moment… that makes it BACK onto the blog.

*high five to infinity (and beyond)*


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