Be Happier for Good Housekeeping

As you may or may not know, I staged a ‘Be Happier’ protest for my 29th Birthday. We made signs, headed off to parliament and Toyi-toyied for joyi-joyi.

The wonderful people at Good Housekeeping SA¬†picked up on this story, via my blog and asked me to send them a little blurb and some photos….

*high five moment*

The June issue... Gwynnie makes a nice wrapping for my writing.

You can now read about the ‘be happier’ protest in the June issue of Goodhousekeeping… also available in Afrikaans. (Goeie Huishouding)¬†apparently the editor had lots of fun translating me into the ‘Tweede taal’.

I love the full circle… how a ‘Be Happier’ protest was a ‘random high five moment’ of joy… which then got picked up – and created another (being published) Random High five moment… that makes it BACK onto the blog.

*high five to infinity (and beyond)*


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