Black Top Rally High Five #3

Sneaky Ninja Five

Word from BlackTopLive: “For a person who NEVER high fives anyone, our fellow team mate @spillly was outdone by the very cunning (and fast thinking) Annie da Silva from Speed and Sound Magazine.

When Brent put up his hand and exclaimed “me” after being asked “who’s bringing out their personality tonighty?” da Silva took the gap and high-fives the shit out of him!

And as luck would have it, we got the photo. You can even see a pre-cringe on his face and the start of a “yeah? Yeah!” on hers…

Ninja Five attack

WIN with TomTom Navigation:

Because the Black Top Rally is such a WIN of a moment –  They have assured me that they will be throwing up lots of random high fives.

Over the next week, up till the 4th May – They will be sending me a “random high five” from the road every day… and have collaborated with the awesome people at TomTom to give one of YOU a free TomTom.

All you have to do is TWEET ME a photo of an epic random high five with the hashtag #BlackTopLive (so we can find it) and we’ll choose the best one. 

Check back here daily to see the Random High Five of the BlackTopLive rally, and I’ll be putting up the best submissions from you guys too.

Competition ends on 4th May 2012.

Get high fiving… and let TomTom help your palms find one another.

For news updates, photos and video, visit

*high five*

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