Boeta the Buddha

Meet Boeta. He’s an African Thai Buddah.

Boeta the Buddah

Much like (no fairy tales ever) Boeta began his life in Woolworths and upon being rescued from sure death by humiliation on the sale rack, was placed in a tower with a lovely fair princess in a faraway land.  By “Faraway land” I mean Cape Town, By ‘tower’ I mean the 16th floor of a building, which was sure the highest Boeta had ever been, even including that one time that the kids had hot-boxed the Woolworth’s storeroom. By “lovely, fair princess” – i mean just that… in other words, Angel, who acted like a princess… well, if princesses stayed in their pyjamas all day, slopped around the house, ate biscuits in bed, swore a lot and passed out with their make-up on. Then sure. Kate Middleton eat your heart out.

Boeta spent his life watching Princess Angel work on her Laptop

It was the closest to the Buddist dream of Nirvana Boeta had ever been… This Nirvana smelled like Teen Spirit. (Angel stored her old CDs on the same shelf as Boeta lived.)

Boeta enjoyed his existence for the most part. He liked how Angel danced when she was alone in her room, and how she blew kisses at herself in the mirror…  he especially liked it when Angel had gentlemen callers, then things got really interesting. That didn’t happen often though. Sometimes he wished he’d been rescued by a princess with slightly more game.

Boeta was happy in this Thailand inspired bedroom and he knew he was an integral part of the theme. But he was very, very lonely. He knew he didn’t belong in Africa. He was just starting to make peace with the fact that he may be all alone forever and never meet other Buddhas, when Princess Angel placed a new travel photo on the mantle-piece, right in Boeta’s sight. Talk about a moment of enlightenment!!

COULD IT BE? Boeta nearly nearly lost the zen composure of all Buddists as he wanted to jump for joy. But then he remembered that he was made of stone and couldn’t jump at all. But that didn’t diffuse his joy – because there, before his (permanently closed) eyes was his Great Grandmother, sparkling in the sunshine….

Angel in Thailand

He’d only ever seen pictures of her before:

Boeta gazed at her stony features with love.

But now there was Princess Angel, standing right in front of her. His joy was only shortlived as he found out that Thailand was very far away, they didn’t even have Woolworths outlets there. His little stone heart sank lower in his little stone body, and he was grateful that it was made of stone, or else he was sure it would break. He longed for the warm air and palm trees of his mother land Thailand. It’s all he could think about, dream about, meditate about. He suddenly found himself so dissatisfied with the Nirvana he’d found, that naked baby swimming for the dollar no longer amused him, Unless it was swimming in a Thai ocean he didn’t want to see it –  thanks for nothing, Kurt Cobain.

Then. Like all good fairy tales. Something magical happened. Simply Asia asked Princess Angel to be part of their Think Thai campaign. Boeta thought Thai all the time… he knew all about this. If buddahs have fairies and God-Mothers… which means they have Gods and folklore.. which is a religious jump – but for the sake of Boeta’s joy (and the fairy-tale theme) we’re going to assume that his “Thai Fairy God-Mother ancestors” intervened. His little stone heart nearly exploded with joy when he got behind the laptop and saw that he could MAYBE, just maybe realise his entire existance’s dream:

Win a Trip to Thailand

All Princess Angel had to do was throw the best Thai Inspired banquet and Boeta might actually be able to do the impossible… make the long pilgrimage home to Thailand. to see his Great Grandmother, and giant Uncle:

Angel and Boeta's Uncle in Phuket

Buddah Vowed right then and there to start a campaign to make people Think Thai, to get him to Thailand. He was going to take inspiration from Politics and run around doing the meet and greets and informing people about his plight. Princess Angel and Sir Siv have been very nobel and agreed to help Boeta with his cause. They pledge to try as hard as possible to throw the best Simply Asia Thai Banquet, to make the people #ThinkThai and eventually… to travel Boeta safely all the way to Thailand. (Since his little stone legs won’t walk him onto the plane)

Help Boeta get to Thailand. Pledge your support with #ThinkThai hashtags on twitter to Princess @YesReallyAngel (Who promises to stop referring to herself in the third person, and to stop calling herself a princess – in public.)

Look out for Boeta as he campaigns all over South Africa to spread the message of his mission to return home, to the land of his heart. You might just get a chance to meet him in real life. Follow the #ThinkThai hashtag to see tweets of where he goes, what he does and who he meets as Sir Siv and Princess Angel take him on an Aladdin song inspired trek… They can show him the world, Shining shimmering, splendid… and check back for updates on this blog.

Lets send Boeta to Thailand!

Buddha High Five

*Thai High Five*


If YOU want to go to Thailand find out how to enter

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