Cancer is Kak

Cancer is kak. On every level. You don’t deserve it, it sneaks up on you, makes you feel kak AND it’s really expensive.

The bad news is that our comedy brother Rustum August has got this hurdle to deal with.

The good news is that, statistically, people with a sense of humour are twice as likely to beat cancer… and our boy’s a comedian… the origin of humour.

Of course, once he’s better, it would be most awesome to NOT be broke (even though, he may have to consider a carreer change… coz comedians are usually broke) So to help with hospital bills, the awesome Cape Town comedy family are throwing a ‘Cancer is Kak’ benefit for Mr. Rustum August. (You can check out some of Rustum’s stand up here in the Savanna Dead Funny youtubes)

The Line up is epic. The cause is epic. the cost is ONLY R30. It’s win, win, win.

The only loser is cancer. Because it’s kak.

Please spread the word.

*high five*

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