Cancer Loses – Comedy wins

Rustum August.

Last night saw the Cancer is Kak benefit for Rustum August, a loved and respected Cape Town comic. As local comic, Kurt Langeveld tweeted: “If you are a Comic in Cape Town, odds are Rustum gave you your first gig.” Which is true. Rustum pretty much forced me into my first ever comedy gig. I therefore owe him my carreer, and my happiness it has brought me.

I know I am not alone in my love and respect for Rustum. So the least we could do was raise a few funds for his hospital bill. Even though, as comic Martin Evans said on stage, this is Rustum’s ploy to get great material for his one man show when he gets out. – Until the one man show starts making him money, he needs to pay some bills.

I wasn’t able to be at the whole event as I had to be part of the Vodacom Funny Festival, but I am going to, (and Piet Potgieter), donate what we earned last night to the Cancer is Kak fund for Rustum. If we can’t donate our time, we donate what someone else paid for it.

The Cape Town Comedy Family. Post-show, holding a 'Fuck Cancer' hoodie.

The comic stylings of  Corne and Twakkie, Martin Evans, Paul Snodgrass, Christopher Steenkamp, Milo Hot Chocolate & Dylan Skews donated their skills and time for the evening. To huge laughter and raging success.

Here’s a clip of the ever hilarious Corne and Twakkie. Welcoming the crowds.

The event managed to raise over R10 000 – which is a great start. The ‘fuck cancer’ hoodie managed to get auctioned off at R1000. Which is awesome.

Keep an eye open, there will be more events. Fun evenings, filled with love and laughter. Everyone is a winner, except Cancer. It loses.

Here is a beautiful clip taken from the stage of Corne and Twakkie getting the crowd to send a message to Rustum in hospital. “Rustum. Get well. We love you!”

My heart is so big for everyone who was there. It swells to make a lump in my throat. Thank you. For whatever you did, whatever your part was. Thank you.

Special mention goes to Gino Fernandez for being the mastermind of the whole thing.

Photos by Hadley Lyners:

*high five*

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  1. Freakin fantastic effort by Cape Town’s comics! Love and respect, Hads

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