Comedy Anniversary

It’s my anniversary. ❤️

6 years ago, today. I met the love of my life.

Just over 6 years ago, I moved in with Siv Ngesi – (who instantly became my brother, my bestie – and later my producer and champion.) I got Siv into Twitter (if you can believe it) and he got me into comedy. I used to enjoy tweeting random thoughts, and dry wit. Siv turned to me a few weeks after living together and said “you should say some of that stuff you say on Twitter and on your blog on stage. People think you’re funny.”

Me: “Haha, yeah, Imagine that! Sure, maybe, one day.”

*Next Day*

Phone rings, I answer. “Hi Angel? It’s Rustum August (RIP), Siv said you wanted to start stand up. I have a show with a slot for you in 3 weeks’ time.”

Me: “What? NO WAIT! It was just a passing comment, I don’t have any jokes!”

Rusty: “It’s only 5 mins, and it’s 3 weeks away. Write some. K Bye!”

Cue the below video. Filmed by one of my dearest Besties (AJ Liebenberg) who came to watch me, (despite me hiding the fact that I was about to do comedy from most of my friends, for fear of public humiliation). He mostly came to watch me die. 😂😂. AJ only started filming my set from a few minutes in because “He was surprised I was actually doing well, he had to document it!”

I will forever be grateful that this video exists. My first ever time on stage.

As I drive into Grahamstown today, to the National Arts Festival, greeted by street-lamps and walls with MY POSTER ALREADY ON THEM, in a car branded with flames and MY OWN FACE on the side 🔥, to kick off my SECOND full hour of comedy (produced by Siv): Devil’s Advocate.

– On this day. 6 Years ago, could I have predicted this? –

Never. Never in a million shooting star wishes.

6 years? Already? and also, ONLY? I still feel like a newcomer to this industry, and also I’ve learnt so much, changed 180 degrees. I know I have SO much more to learn and to grow, daily, per performance. I can only hope that 6 years from now, I look back with just as much awe and gratitude in the journey as I do today.

Thank you. Thank you Universe, thank you fellow comedians, thank you friends & family for your support and belief, thank you internet (for giving me a voice), and most of all: thank you comedy.

I love you, Bae. Here’s to many more years together, Comedy. ❤️

(Dear 6 year old Angel, hang tight. It gets much better.)


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