Lampooning of Rob Van Vuuren

ROB VAN VUUREN – Actor / Writer / Director / Comedian / Presenter / better known as Twakkie from Corne and Twakkie’s Most Amazing Show to those stoners and students out there….

In honour of his birthday (last month), we are proud to announce, The Comedy Roast of Rob Van Vuuren….

Well, The “What would be called a Roast if Comedy Central hadn’t copyrighted the wording so we shall call it the LAMPOONING of Rob Van Vuuren”… coz that sounds more impressive. Somehow…. 

Host: – MARTIN EVANS (aka @hellpants)
LOUW VENTER (aka Corne of The Most Amazing Show)
DEEP FRIED MAN (aka that guitar playing comic in a hat)
PAUL SNODGRASS (aka angry ginger comic)
SIV NGESI (aka Pretty Boy and my Roommate)
– GEORGE VAN DER SPUY (from Taxi Violence)

Win With Random High Fives

I’m giving away TWO sets of double tickets to the Roast of Rob.

Now I know you would have gone anyway, so that’s R100 bucks you save to buy more alcohol – and Mercury has pretty cheap drinks, so this is your ticket to a GREAT night.

All you have to do is tell me WHY you need to save R100 bucks or WHY you need to drink more, or WHY you need to laugh by ROASTING YOURSELF. The funniest roast wins… not the most emo.

(No one needs to play the blood violin)

Enter by TWEETING ME with the Hashtag #RoastOfRobVanV or leaving a comment on this post.

See you tomorrow night.

*roasting high five*

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3 Responses to Lampooning of Rob Van Vuuren

  1. Kayli Vee Levitan @KayliVee

    @YesReallyAngel because @RobVanVuuren & I were once Hippos in a school play together & I haven’t seen him since! (It may have been a dream)

  2. Guy Lazarus ‏ @KwaziForce

    @rustum420august @RobVanVuuren @MercuryLive @YesReallyAngel your momma so old. When she breast fed you, creamcheese came out…

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