Date-Driving Miss Angey.

Later today, The kind people at VW are giving me a car. Me. Just giving me the keys and letting me purr that baby away.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

Sex on Wheels.


1. I leave my own car, in exchange… which might be a point of leverage if I took my Ferrari, But imma take my old faithful jaloppie.

2. I have to go on a DATE using the VW car. A real bonafide, ‘boy meets girl’ date. Or in my Case “Boyish girl meets unsuspecting boy.” (This is a tricker term and condition than you might think)

3. They are going to strap heart monitor devices to check my pulse on this date (So if the “Unsuspecting boy” tries to poison me and sell my organs on the black market,I assume this heart rate monitor will serve as the precaution to that. They will notice when my heart stops beating. – A skipped beat is ok.)

4. I get an Android phone to tweet from, and to monitor the GPS movements of the car. (I wonder how long it would take them to realise I’m making a break for the Mexican border?) – Oh wrong country. Duh, If it was America I woulda written “realize” back there. Focus!

(Am I allowed to say ‘Focus’ in this post about VW? You know, coz it’s a Ford. AfFordable – well, I just did.)

5. I have to leave the ball at midnight or else I’ll turn into a pumpkin and my date will start mincing in glass slippers. Aka: I have to bring the car back the next morning. (Where I can exchange ‘walk of shame’ high-fives with the VW peeps)

6. Bottom line is, the car is going to make me HOT(ter) and COOL(er) and RAD(der) and my “Date” will be awesomer(er) …er.

I’m probably going to be tweeting about it. So you can follow me or look for the hashtag #vwdatedrive or Follow @DateDrive. Let’s see how it goes. The evening is planned. With lots of superfluous driving factored in; Camps Bay to Constantia to Hout Bay to Sea Point – to my place or yours? *high five*

Jealous, much? Well you can go to the website and stand a chance to  win one also:

Vroom Vroom to Boom Boom.

Ya. Das Auto.

I’m excited to feel the power when I turn it on.


Watch this video to see Tracey McGregor, Bangers and Nash, Dylan Jack and Cape Town Girl on their Date Drives:

*High Five*


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