Do they know it’s Christmas in Africa?

Christmas: WINTER vs SUMMER.

“And there won’t be snow in Africa this Christmas time
The greatest gift they’ll get this year is life (Oooh)
Where nothing ever grows
No rain or rivers flow
Do they know it’s Christmas time at all?” – Band Aid, 1984. 

My American Friends have our back. ;)

Apparenly it’s not Christmas unless there’s snow. So you’d better quickly get to the Northern Hemisphere! Luckily Travelstart has cheap flights to London so you can hustle.

That Band-aid Christmas song has honourable roots, (raising money for underprivileged parts of the continent) but it doesn’t help the misdirection of people in the North. We DON’T have snow at Christmastime, and if we did – it would be SERIOUSLY bad for global-warming denialists. It’s summertime. White snow is replaced with white sand, egg-nog by the fireside is replaced with cocktails by the braai-side and our Santa chills out in flip-flops. Days are longer, holidays are all around and we yell ‘KE DEZEMBA, BOSS!’ and pop bottles. It’s how we DO Christmas.

My cousins and I, with Toasty the Sandman. Family Xmas holiday 2016.

There is something to be said for a winter Christmas-time though. I have UK based family so we alternate Christmases. Snowflakes and sparkles make more sense in winter, you’re closer to the North Pole so Santa is guaranteed and all Christmas themed things fit in with your surroundings. If you’ve never a winter xmas, UK is more accessible than ever now, the Pound is weaker than last year, and with super affordable flights, there’s no excuse.

Shorter days mean more time to enjoy sparkly Christmas lights, cold weather means more time to cuddle indoors with Christmas songs and family members. And food babies from all that Ham and Turkey you’re going to eat can easily be hidden under winter clothing, unlike us bikini clad Southern Hemisphereans. Plus: You get to dress up in fun winter clothes!

Pros: Xmas themed jerseys,

baking and eating is better in Winter,

Christmas carols and Christmas Movies make sense.

It might snow.

Cons: You’re cold.

You can’t go to the beach in your ‘kini.

No Braais.

Less Public holidays and general summer Lethargy.

No sunset cocktails.

Northern Hemisphere Christmas 2008

Which do you prefer? Summer or Winter Christmas.

Our South African Family Christmas Traditions.

Road trips,

Quality street chocolates,

Mince Pies,


dressing the tree together,

watching Christmas movies,

jumping photos in bikinis with cousins,

merging of new family members (boyfriends and babies),

battling high tide and trying to get around the rocks during walks on the beach,

braais on the deck,

glazed ham,

Christmas themed nail-polish,

bunking up and sharing rooms together,

pretty dresses on Christmas day,

Christmas crackers (wearing hats and reading the joke aloud, mandatory)

Party games,

sing-alongs with Nanna and Amarula night-caps.

Lots of laughter and a few arguments.

We always do Presents on Christmas morning (after Church, for those members of the family who want to go), and have a late lunch that turns into a night-time chatting and games-fest.

Our African Xmas Tree, 2014

Which do you prefer, winter or summer? What are some of your traditions?

*high fives for merry merry Xmas*

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