Dragon Power UMF Fight Night – 23rd June

It’s that time again ladies… abs and grunts and oiled bodies.

The Legendary Dragon Power FIGHT NIGHT!

Men can have their porn… we will have Muay Thai. *lady boner*

The last fight night was a raging success, and Muay Thai is just full of hotness and awesomeness.

Look at the title fight below: The Rotweiler vs the Croco Croco. You just can’t make that stuff up… Golden.

You can win tickets to this night simply by following: @UMFMuaythai  and then tweeting:

“I want to win tickets with @UMFMuaythai and @YesReallyAngel #ILoveUMF  watch it live here: zoopy.com/umf

Copy paste that, tweet it – and you could be a weener. And a winner.

(Yes, for those of you tied to the bed with bricks on your limbs making you unable to move to attend the fight live – you are able to stream it live from Zoopy. Anywhere in the world. What givers these fighters are. Lovers, not fighters… well they are certainly lovers – in my mind. *zing*)

For more info check out Dragon Power.

Tune into our radio show 2 Girls 1 Mic on 2oceansvibe Radio this Friday from 1-3pm, some of the fighters will be in studio to talk with us. I know I’m excited. I’m packing extra underwear… and a toothbrush (for the next morning!)

*Muay Thai High Five to the face*

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