Elevator Action!

Is there anything more glee inducing than opening your door to a cascade of bubble gum pink helium balloons? I submit that there is not.

As exciting as that heading is, it is not what you are hoping. No. I have never had nookie NOR played Action-Cricket in an elevator. The former because I live on the 16th floor of a busy building and our rickety old lift stops on every floor for traffic… which would be ok if i was an exhibitionist, or lived in Germany perhaps. The same goes for the Action Cricket, although maybe you should Sub Germany out for Australia.

No. I agreed to film a little insert for video gamer extraordinaire, @GrantHinds. It was called, ‘Elevator Action’ as a homage to the 1980’s computer game… (Blank stare? Join the club. But I googled it and as soon as I saw that high-tech colour scheme with the 2D layout I gushed with sweet nostalgic memories. If you are born after the 80s this doesn’t apply to you and you may move along swiftly *finger waggle in face*)

This was a Random High Five day. One of the best ever. I even had Coldplay live that night, and it didn’t even top the memories created by the Balloons and one times polar bear full-body-suit, with a glitter ball. Don’t believe me? Look at this:

I remain dazzled by this display of awesomery

During the first take of our little elevator boogey (me dancing with the polar bear, much to @GrantHinds’ despair) the cameraman had to call ‘cut’ because HE was laughing too hard to hold the camera still. You know that’s a good day.

Without further ado. here is the final product, you have to wait ’till the very end to see us… and that polar bear. aka @justcallmeMarv  *High Five*

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5Xxl0L4xfU]

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3 Responses to Elevator Action!

  1. elza-lynne says:

    We want more dancing Angel with Polar Bear!

  2. The video was awesome :) love your blog by the way! It’s super rad!

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