EWGA Golf Clinic.

It was recently tweeted by  @daemonic3 :

“Top uses for Golf Balls:

1. Describing hail storms

2. Describing tumors

3. Playing golf”

Well, this morning I got to experience the 3rd most popular with the Executive Women’s Golf Association. Gone are the days of GOLF meaning “Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden” and now there are ladies Associations, that help coach you and to link you to the networks.

There are still a few clubs overseas that don’t allow women to enter (Cough* America* Cough) and would rather pay a double levy fine than change the rules, and a club in Scotland purportedly still makes women enter from the back entrance.**

None of this puts me off. I work in the male dominated comedy industry, bring on the golf. It makes me feel like a REBEL.

We started off with a welcome, coffee (intravenously) and off onto the crisp dewy putting greens.

My Ball. I'm a Tigress.

I managed not to giggle when I was instructed to keep my nose over the ball. And learnt the basic techniques of putting. It’s not as easy as Putt-Putt. We’ve been lied to. There are things like grass gradient and to account for. But nothing beats that clang of a ball dropping into the hole – eventually.

We were taught by (World Champion) Tarnia, who had an easily likable demeanor and put everyone at ease immediately with a few tales from the course. The rule is Drive is for Show, Putting is for GO.

You may think it’s all in the “Whacking” of a ball down the fairway, but Tarnia put it into perspective when she explained that a 2 foot putt, when it’s worth $100 000 will make the hole feel like a pin-hole. And it all rests on your competence there.

After we got the ‘grandfather clock’ pendulum swinging of the putting under control, it was off to the driving range, where quite alot of grass and soil was hacked up. I had one or two great shots which made my (golf obsessed) Grandpa do a happy jig in his grave, but the rest of the time it was tongue clicks of frustration, as we all learned the addictive unpredictability of golf.

The day was finished off with a MIND BLOWING show by Mentalist Larry Soffer (who will be on my radio show tomorrow, friday 23rd May 2014 from 1-3pm on 2oceansvibe Radio) Don’t miss that.

Check out EWGA. It’s awesome. Not a bunch of jocks – but a women’s network that helps you learn the principles of golf, slowly and with fun. And they have functions and networking and it’s all about business. The men have been having it – so we might as well.



*Golf clap*

** Did you notice how I resisted the urge to make a ‘enter from the backdoor’ sexual innuendo joke? That’s how lady-like golf makes me!

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