Gold moment for South Africa!

Cameron Van Der Burgh, 2 days ago not many people knew who that was. Now – he’s the buzz word. He’s “our boy”… world record breaking 100m breaststroke Olympic Gold medalist.

my view of the glory.

My Twitter exploded (as did his, jumping some 20 000 followers overnight), with absolute jubilation, patriotism and joy. My timeline was a thing of beauty.

South Africa loves a win. It means more to us than arrogant bigger countries. (I feel). We’re the underdogs, especially at the Olympics, and who doesn’t love an underdog.

Here is a ‘random high five’ moment that rivals all high fives. I found this via Cameron’s very own tweet, he sent it out saying “This is ultimately what is all about.. Sport unites us! #Olympics“. I absolutely LOVE it, especially the fact that Cameron has seen this. Brings tears of pride to my eyes…

*high five, South Africa*

If you haven’t seen the actual win, then you’d better watch Supersport (Olympic content is banned from Youtube), they replay that moment every few hours. And i NEVER get tired of re-watching it. Especially the medal ceremony, as Cameron gets that gold and our Anthem is played… with (who better than) Australia and America standing next to him, having to listen to OUR anthem, and look at OUR flag! LOVE IT!

Cameron tweeted out this image of 'our' medal.

Cameron, you absolute BEAUTY. Thank you for giving us a reason to be proud again. To quote that awesome guy in the YouTube: “Ai yai yai yai, World fucking record! FOK!”


Follow Cameron here.

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