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The house party that went from good idea, to bad idea to awesome to epic.

I can’t believe I’m going to say this of an American teen flick but this was quite an intelligent movie. I don’t mean in any philosophical stretch of the imagination and not for lack of beer-bongs and boobs. But it wasn’t predictable. It was so far out of the box that the script and storyline stayed engaging throughout. I even laughed out loud at a few moments.

It’s done in that all too familiar (and frustrating) hand held format ala Blaire Witch. Which can create a little motion sickness from time to time, but honestly, that’s pretty in keeping with the motion sickness of the characters. It’s a spiral down a hilarious tunnel of mayhem. Not in the cringe and wince way, mind you. Hollywood so often misses with this style of humour. In my opinion, this was a hit. A hit and run.

I’m not going to spoiler anything for you – I knew very little about this movie when I walked into the cinema other than ‘it’s about the greatest party you’ve ever had.’ And yes. That it is. An epic highschool party that just gets blown out of proportion – we’ve all been there. Literally.

Here’s the trailer, but it has a lot of spoilers in it, in my opinion. So watch it, but try and forget it.

I had a party like that once. That party, (true story) was brought up to me YESTERDAY in a hair salon – by someone I haven’t seen in years. She said “oh, Angel we were just talking about you last night and reminiscing about that Halloween party you threw in ’99.” Yes. 1999. Back when we were still scared of the millennium bug and Y2K wasn’t a laughable term. Before twitter and *gasp* Facebook too.

Hell, back when  I had just moved to the small town from Joburg and was cool because I actually owned a cellphone.

I threw a party 13 years ago, and people are STILL talking about it. (Please hold while I brush this dirt off my shoulder).

It wasn’t a particularly ‘cool’ party. Just a bunch of teenagers running around on Halloween. Boys dressed as girls, girls dressed as sluts. The usual. I had made the fatal flaw (in a small town with 7 high schools and no night-clubs, where every kid is choking for entertainment) of announcing the plans for the party 2 weeks early, instead of the-day-before as was usual etiquette. The word spread from high-school to high-school like wild fire, and that fire WAS wild.

I was just excited because I had planned to throw an “American Style” Halloween party. With Jack-o-lanterns, creepy cardboard cut-outs of serial killers silhouetted in the windows, fairy-lights and hay-bales.

Who had I planned this brain-child with? Oh, well like all good Teen movies: it was my neighbor and best friend who was a straight male – of course. We obviously alternated between being secretly in love with each other for years before we stopped talking altogether. (What, they never even kiss? I wouldn’t watch THAT movie.)

The jack-o-lanterns were lit, the 25 litre buckets of alcoholic punch were filled (x 5). The garage was emptied out. My mother, might I add, was on board with all of this – and thought that ‘apples’ were a great party food to dish out *rolls eyes* I had strictly informed her NOT to let anyone inside the house (my mother being ‘uncool’ in highschool, was somewhat of a Rookie in the ‘rules’ of a party).  Of course, this rule got broken and the Orange handprint from the Oros painted guy is still there. We managed to get the champagne off the ceiling… and shoeprints.

I employed my younger fast-talking neighbor (from the other side) to be the ‘doorman’ – we gave him a fake guestlist and he had to turn away people he didn’t recognize, or people in lower grades. He, in turn – employed one of the first team rugby guys (dressed in a coconut bra and hula skirt) to be his ‘bouncer’ they manned my garden gate with a clipboard and fake radios… charging entrance to my house. 8th graders paid more, people not in costume paid more. I’m not sure. I wasn’t there.  All I DO know is that at the end of the night,

After the cops came for the third time…

After all the postboxes on my street had been blown up by fire-crackers.

After some guy peed on a neighbour’s bay window – while the family sat inside in their TV room, watching him.

After another neighbor came RUNNING at a teenager WITH AN AXE. (a real axe) and chopped his finger. Not off, but I saw it, it wasn’t pretty. (in the neighbours defense, the kids were swarming his house like a zombie apocalypse, maybe he had a horror movie flashback. Or maybe he was just blaze-drunk)

After a guy fell off the same place on my balcony, three times. (Landing on different people.)

And after my brother had tried to calm the cops: dressed as a rasta, complete with dread-wig and REAL marijuana leaves (from a plant in OUR garden).

Finally the cops sent vans to drive all the kids home, and mostly to laugh at all the drunk boys in high heels.

After all that, my little younger neighbor came in with a BUCKET of money from charging dumb-kids at the gate. A full bucket. It was a couple of grand!  We used it to buy 8 concert tickets. And 13 years of fame.

I’ll take it.


Not my real house. this is a re-enactment.

*high five*

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