Hair free and care free – Legs 11. #journeytosmooth

This is NOT me..

So, I’m 30 now. Yes, I say it proudly (and as loudly as my failing vocal chords will allow me)
And I’ve been trying to get hairless for about 20 years… (if you include those times I shaved with my grandpa’s razor on a dare in primary school) Waxing, shaving, plucking, veeting, nairing and (eek) epiladying.

The budget for remaining hairless easily exceeds R500 a month for me… every month. And repeat.

I get hairy legs… very hairy. Let me clarify, my boy roommates in UCT used to call me a were-wolf in slow motion when I’d not shave my legs for a few days. Not the Team Jacob, hairless and shirtless kind – but the Jack Nicholson in Silver Bullet…. Michael Jackson Thriller – with no moonwalking – kind. Scary. Scary Hairy. Those words rhyme for a reason.

But then the lovely people from Legs11 came into my life, and offered Kamini Pather (my #2girls1mic co-host) and I 2 sessions of IPL lazer hair removal.

Ok, ladies – here’s the DL. It’s not that sore. No worse than waxing… and it’s much quicker. And you skin looks far less traumatized than it did after waxing. AND YOU CAN SHAVE IN BETWEEN. so none of those awkward hot days when you have to wear jeans because “you’ve just managed to grow 1.5 weeks worth of hair and need to make it 2 more fluffy days to your appointment”.

All of that GONE. (Just like your hair.)

I’ve only had 2 treatments (realistically it takes 8-10 to work fully) but i can already say i see about a 50% improvement… after shaving it’s as if I’ve waxed. The hair takes WAY longer to grow back than before, and it’s much less dense and thinner. Think going from the population density of Tokyo Japan to the Australian Outback. But sexier. Much sexier.

They spread the treatments out – FAR. More than a month between them. Because they’ve studied the science of the hair follicle and need it to be that spread out to allow for the new babies to grow in, so you can zap those too. (Any salon that makes you go more frequently is just taking your money because it’s only getting the same hairs.)

Spread out like that you can totally work it into your budget. (It’s only R380 per area anyway. But – heads up, your legs count as 4 areas coz there is alot of them.)

When you’re talking bikini line though – that’s almost the same price as a brazilian… and that’s a bargain.

Tune into 2oceansvibe radio TODAY from 1-3pm where Kamini and I will be talking about the #journeytosmooth with some other ladies of different ages and skin types and you can learn more…

Go to Legs11 if you’re already sold.

(It’s also Kamini’s FAREWELL SHOW. *sad face* because she WON MASTERCHEF SOUTH AFRICA *happy face* so the little chick is flying the coup.)


*Hairless high five*


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