I’m in the Cosmo!

So I turned 30 a few weeks ago.

So far it feels the same as being 29… or 6. But the highlights (aside from performing in a SOLD OUT show of Kings and Queens of Comedy tomorrow for Comedy Central to 4000 people) so far have been APPEARING IN COSMOPOLITAN MAGAZINE alongside the hilariously wonderful Canadian.

My Niece Bella found it. :)

Every girl grew up reading this… (and the back of cereal boxes.) It’s a small picture, but they spelled my name right. I definitely want to high five my 6 year old self for this one. Thank you Cosmo.

This ‘high five moment’ was further heightened by the fact that I got the tweet from Bella whilst standing in line waiting to check in to my SAA flight up to Joburg. I rushed off to buy a Cosmo at the airport and was standing beside a Xhosa business-lady in the queue to board the plane as I opened it. I told her “Excuse me, you are about to share a moment with me. I’m in the Cosmo and I haven’t seen it yet, I’m about to open it – and I have no one around to care… so YOU are going to be the person I show it to.”  She happily agreed and held her breath alongside me as we slowly flipped each page… once I found it at pointed at myself, she went above and beyond “stand in friend” status and squealed loudly for me and then let out a whoop. One would have thought we’d been besties since kids. When we’d done examining and gushing over it, and I was about to leave… She gave me a hug. I never caught her name, but wherever she is – she made my day more sparkly… :)

Some of you may recall my 30 before 30 countdown, and the fact that this party made the list. Mostly because my man-friend carried me to the car (on his back) at the end of the night…


(excerpt) …I’d been in these amazing heels ALL DAY and then I had to go to an event. My feet not only STILL have blisters on the toes and heels, but the bones in my ankles had started to ache from the angle that they were being twisted at (did I mention that these shoes are really pretty?!)

I basically had to stand stationary all night, as any movement made me wince, and my man friend had to CARRY ME ON HIS BACK (and by ‘had to’ i mean that he forced it upon me, mostly -i assume- because he figured that would be less dramatic than actually punching me in the face to make me stop whining) to get to my car at the end of the evening. Which was a pretty magical memory in and of it’s ironic self. Imagine an impeccably dressed male model (yes) with a girl in a VERY SHORT yellow chiffon dress on his back, her (very pretty) zebra print Aldo shoes are STILL on her feet and jutting out in front of them, like a stylish rickshaw. Her one hand is trying in vain to cover up her pink lace panties that are doublessly making their ‘out side of the bedroom’ debut to all the cars driving past looking at her bottom… as they walk about 500m. Giggling most of the way (between his grunts of pretending that this is nothing compared to gym).

He did say “My agony of carrying you all that way was outweighed by my want of you to be comfortable”.

How adorbs?

The fact that this photo has made it into a magazine I’ve aspired to be in since I first knew we were allowed to dream big. Has just made 30 all the more worthwhile to get to. :)

*high five*

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