Me – on the Cover of a Magazine?!

Dear Six Year old Angel… you’re not married, and you have no kids a week away from turning 29. But you ARE on the cover of a magazine! So *High five*

Kulula’s in flight magazine selects a different SA comedian to be the ‘guest editor’ each month and around February this year they contacted me, after a coffee meeting and a few high-fives I was offered the April Cover.

Obviously I moonwalked into my kitchen with glee every morning for weeks!

The editors were excited to finally have a female comic on the cover and immediately implied a sexy bunny for easter or devil (parody on my name) I was loathe to be portrayed as too sexy and pleaded to be a REAL easter bunny. “Or else people may not take me seriously as a comedian.”

Imagine my joy when they pulled out the white, fully length bunny suit. As editor Zane Henry said: “You realise, to be taken more seriously, you are dressed in a full bunny suit looking RIDICULOUS.” I nodded gleefully in between pelvic thrust dance-moves (that suit is FUN to wear)!

All the photos were taken by the ever talented and ever funny, maker of amazing coffee Morne Van Zyl. (who is perhaps more well known for his recent ‘Close up portraits‘ project where he snapped all of the hipsters, who’s whos and nobodies in Cape Town – including me)

We still shot the somewhat sexy devil look which is inside the magazine:

And I got to do two articles – I interviewed Loyiso Bala and Schalk Burger… talking to both of them on the phone may have been more of a high than actually making the cover. Well. It’s a close second.

I also wrote the opening letter from the editor. Which was fun to write, and I see they didn’t edit out any of my offensive and bizarre jokes. So that’s amusing. For me.

I’ll transcribe the letter and articles once April is over for those of you who didn’t catch the magazine.

This also happens to be one of my 29 before 29 “be on the cover of a magazine” check points. So TICK. and *HIGH FIVE*

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