Me Tarzan?

George of the Jungle

(read: DeWet of the Garden Route)

So there’s some buzz about this guy: DeWet Du Toit.

I don't have my vines crossed.

A South African dude from George who’s trying to cast himself as the New TARZAN in the 2012 movie remake of the monosyllabic, vine swinging, poo flinging, chest thumping hero. (Directed by Hollywood’s Stephen Sommers.)

He added a video to YouTube and has sent so many persuasive (allegedly all in CAPS – Tarzan likes to SHOUT!?) emails to film producers. So much so that he is now being flown to USA to audition for the role officially by US producer Jerry Weintrub

See the resemblance?

I want to offer him a high-five for pursuing his dream. (However dubious a “lifelong dream to play Tarzan” might sound to some.) He speaks to camera half way through. With a name like DeWet Du Toit, I don’t have to tell you what his mother-tongue is, he has a thick accent – let’s just say, he’ll sound the part to Americans. Even when he’s not acting.

His Video is pretty impressive, He has a body I wouldn’t mind seeing projected on a big cinema screen for a few hours, he does a bit of  Baywatch style water scenes, swings from a vine, ‘plays’ with a man in a monkey suit  and even leads a Knysna Elephant through the forest with. his. bare. hands! (You know the Americans will LOVE that) all to the tune of Gregorian and Indian sounding Monks – with an epic ‘miming’ of the Tarzan yell at the end… What’s not to love?


The editing isn’t the tightest, and the filming is quite rookie – but there are some Proudly South African shots of the beautiful Garden Route in there also.

*High Five* DeWet, or should I say *Hoog-Vyf*

And Good luck!

(I shall now take my tongue out of my cheek)

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