Middle Fingers for Rustum. Fuck Cancer.

Rustum August himself, with his signature black nail.

Showing support for comedian and friend, Rustum August who is currently kicking cancer’s ass in hospital. Cancer is kak. Keep an eye out for comedy charity benefits to help Rustum with his medical bills. 

Mercury Live 27th June 2012 – 8pm. R30 cover charge. Cancer is Kak Tshirts on sale for Rustum.

Angel Campey hand.

Richard Jansen Hand

KG Mokgadi hand

Kenwyn Curt Davids hand

Zena Martin hand

Cameron Oliver

Peter Sserwanga

Danielle West

Brendan Murray for Rustum

GIno Fernandez

Beth Rubin

Oliver Booth

Christopher Steenkamp

Kurt Langeveld

Devon Lang

Bianca Clarke

Shaun Fickling

Nelson De Gouveia

Formal Brendan for Rusty

From UK for Rustum

Angel Campey, Gino Fernandez & Oli Booth

Raphael Mackintosh for Rustum

Reesiebaby for Rustum

Anna Frate

Shout out to @johnnycranko who birthed the idea.

Get well soon Rusty… we heart you.

*middle finger high five*




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4 Responses to Middle Fingers for Rustum. Fuck Cancer.

  1. Rehana says:

    Hi all.
    There will be a comedy event held at Cape Town High School this Friday July 6th 2012.
    All proceeds go towards helping Rustum’s medical expenses.

    Check out the Facebook group for more details:

    Looking forward to seeing you there!

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  3. Marisa says:

    Hey Angel, I need a favour please? When people google my name, the pic of me pops up and employers don’t really understand the campaign. Could I ask if you could use my “Reesie” name instead of my full Marisa Calvert name please please? Thanks!

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