One South African guy took a global drinking craze and turned it into a ‘kindness phenomenon’

So, this Joburg guy – Brent Lindeque aka @RazzleMonster on Twitter  got nominated in this ‘Nek Nomination’ craze that is sweeping the planet via viral videos. It’s basically a frat party gone wrong – started in Australia where a person will down a beer (in a manner of fashions) and then nominate 2 friends to do video’s too.

Remember chain letters when you mailed postcards to strangers as kids? It’s like that, but inane. And alledgedley deadly (with a few alcohol related deaths reported around Ireland.)

Most people have seen Brent’s video – where he took his Nek Nomination and turned it into a small act of kindness. But here it is again:

With the rising interest in his video, he started the hashtag #ChangeOneThing on twitter, and it’s kind of exploded. And it’s kind of beautiful.

South Africans are getting involved – Here’s a video by my friend Frank, she undertook to help a magazine vendor sell his Big Issue magazines for a day, thus giving him a “good day” (it’s much harder than you’d expect – even given that she was obviously a different kind of seller to motorists. I respect those magazine vendors so much more now and will try to keep cash for them):

My personal fave moment of that video is “You’re talking on your cellphone – that’s illegal!! I promise not to tell if you buy a magazine..”

This guy gave kids in Diepsloot new footballs (Soccer balls, America)


These rad Cape Town guys fed 90 kids Nando’s (Chicken franchise) and then gave Nando’s a Neknomination, giving them a week to rise to the challenge.

Other corporates have.

Shoprite and Checkers, a grocery store franchise released this video today – and Nek Nominated 10 more huge brands in South Africa. So far Pampers and All Gold have tweeted that they accept. So let’s see what they do!

This SA schoolgirl donated a bunch of books to a children’s home. Watch here

This photographer girl from Joburg (one of my fave videos) simply went around making people smile at their places of work and capturing it through her lens. She returns to give them photos of their joy.
It’s a simple act of kindness that shows how a day can be a little better. And beautiful.


AND it’s spreading overseas – This American girl does her “South African Style NekNomination” and pays for the person behind her at the drive thru’s breakfast.

I absolutely love that South Africans are behind this movement, like that Hayley Joel Osmond movie – after he saw dead people, they are Paying it forward to the world. *happy twirl*

Sure we can cross examine things and say that South Africa has a bigger problem than ‘one good thing’ is going to ever make a dent in. But don’t ruin the beautiful thing. These are people who WEREN’T doing something nice, who are now. Sure they feel better about themselves, but they made someone else feel better too.

They reached out, and acknowledged a stranger – made another person feel that they mattered a little bit more.

And isn’t THAT what the human experience should ultimately be about?

*High five everyone.*





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  1. YesReallyAngel says:

    UPDATE: Kelloggs South Africa has tweeted that they accept the challenge from Shoprite Checkers too.
    Love it.
    More Brands jumping on the bandwagon… brandwagon? *sorry*

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