Pharrell Happy – Cape Town edition

My random high five of 2014 so far has to go to the guys who made this Cape Town – Happy video.

(Sure my roomie is in it, but that doesn’t make me biased, he’s in everything. You can even see him in the moon landing footage… some say.)
Now for those for you who DON’T know about this Happy thing; (Hi, Mom thanks for reading my blog – all the time) Pharrell wrote this song for the sequel to Despicable Me and even got an Oscar nomination for best song.

The song is called Happy, and is just that. You cannot but feel happy when listening to it.

Pharrell is also probably a vampire as he hasn’t aged a crack in 20 years, but that’s not really relevant – or maybe it is, and vampires are really just happiness vessels…?

Photo of Pharrell taken from 1902.

People of Planet earth can be equal parts terrible and awesome, and today I focused on the awesome ones – all over the planet. Pharrell has created a meme (Mom, that’s like cool internet craze that everyone does) because the 20th March 2014 was ‘International Happy Day’ and the ‘happy’ song was a pretty perfect theme. And then people made videos, in hundreds of cities across the planet… like the one above.

The reason our one deserves a high five is that it’s one of the best ones out there in YouTube land. The dancing is MAD SKILLZ and the editing and camera work is much more impressive than most.

The ‘Paris’ one also looks really professional, but you don’t want to go and give the French any compliments, they do that enough when confronted with mirrors.

Sorry Tokyo – i watched a lot and 10 points for enthusiasm, but you have the worst dance skills of all the cities ;) Bless you and thanks for the sushi.

My other favourite is the ‘Jamaica’ one. I’ll include it here because, i ask you – who is more happy than these Jamaicans? And their dance moves? Swag for days. Jamaicans may be the coolest people on earth.

Shout out to Berlin – their video is pretty darn cool too. It’s impressively filmed, with one long take and dancers swapping in camera as it travels through a mall showing MAD dance skills. It’s over 12 mins long cos the song restarts in different locations, like the Subway. (Methinks they enlisted every single black German person living in Berlin to dance in this video? ;)  at least the dancing is guaranteed Sehr Gut.)


I sincerely hope Pharrell takes a few hours out from being a vampire (with unparalleled music skills) to watch a bunch of these videos, coz they are truly heartwarming  – as a planet – and he started that.

Just in case he doesn’t i sincerely recommend you get lost in some Happy youtubes for a bit, and maybe Pharrell will be doing it at the same time. Then you’ll be doing the same thing as him, and that’s gotta be cool.


*High five Pharrell*

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