Protest to Be Happier!

One of my ‘29 before 29‘ wish lists was to Stage a Protest outside Parliament.

Every day I drive past some or other irate group of people, shouting about something that is wrong with the world.

Now, I’m not saying that protests are wrong. I’m not implying that people shouldn’t use their democratic rights to stand outside parliament for what they believe in… what i AM saying is: Sometimes it’s nice to believe in Joy, Happiness and Hope.


This was my wish for my 29th Birthday. Some of my closest friends came down and joined me in the MOST fun and joyful thing i have EVER done…

Thank you to Siv Ngesi, Peter Sserwanga, Carl Da Silva, John and Kristen Morkel and Zee Fakier for coming down on Good Friday and making the day Good… special shout out to the skateboarding kids who joined us and the German tourist, Maxine.

We had a 110% success rate. With every car driving past smiling, waving, hooting, grannies giving us thumbs-up signs and tourist busses snapping photos.

Take how fun and joyful you imagine it to be, and multiply it ten fold!

Project #BeHappier a success

We are going to do it again… watch my twitter for details.

*Happiness High Five*

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4 Responses to Protest to Be Happier!

  1. Zee Fakier says:

    This is going to become a movement. I can say that I was there when Angel started it!

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