Public Persona – Zing

It’s finally happened. People are talking behind my back and they aren’t criticizing my choice of jelly shoes when they do it. (finally! 1996 was TOUGH!)

One of the websites I write for, moneysmart have done an article on me, and who I am. The bribery and blackmail worked. They were nice. The puppy gets to live.

Angel Blythe Campey Profile

With a name that smacks of the heavens, Angel Blythe Campey is a breath of fresh air in the musty, jargon-filled world of financial management. Angel is a bright and quirky free spirit with an Honours degree from the University of Cape Town’s prestigious Film, Media and Visual Studies programme. She is as affable and gracious as they come.

She has spent a significant amount of her life traveling the globe.. read more.

Dear 6 year old self… *high five*

About YesReallyAngel

quirky, sardonic, sarcastic, ironic, satirical girl. Lover of marshmallows and high-fives.
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2 Responses to Public Persona – Zing

  1. Cole says:

    Look, I get that they’re cool people and all, but how could they not mention your awesome hair…?

    Still deserves a high five though [5]

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