Put Tu and Tu together.

Once in a while, a moment comes along in your life, where you want to pause… step out of your body, turn around – look at the scene and then lift your hand, to ceremoniously high-five yourself on the ethereal plane.

This happened to me last week. I got to shake the hand of, laugh with and talk to – a Nobel Peace Prize winner. A person who’s name gets dropped by people like Oprah and Michelle Obama. A man who is FRIENDS with Mr Nelson Mandela, and has been for a great deal of years… Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu.

What a wonderful soul he was. He was beaming with joy and happiness, and had ample time for each and every one of us. He even went out of his way to tell us how important the job of comedy is in the world, to make people feel good and laugh – that it was an honourable endeavor. Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu took the time to compliment US!

Below is the exchange between he and I.

Such an honour to shake his hand.


Realising I was the "Bikini girl" he took off his hat and grinned.

Basking in his Joy.

*Nobel Peace Prize holding hands High Five *


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