Rocking the Daisies 2011

Springtime means so many wonderful things. Sunshine… short skirts… mating season. It represents the new beginnings that we have all been longing for through the wet, windy winter and it also marks the start of FESTIVAL SEASON. (Which pretty much combines the Sunshine, Short skits and mating season all into one, throwing in a rock music backtrack and a healthy dose of alcohol)

Today is the day that the Daisies begin to be Rocked. A few hours up the west coast away from Cape Town, near the sweet little town town of Darling – once a year – mayhem is unleashed in the all too sexy format of a rock fest. There is every kind of stage for every kind of concert goer. So you’ll find hippies, techno-bunnies, goths, preppies and of course the regular old Cape Tonian ‘dudes’.

I’m even performing in the festival this year. Stand-up comedy… eeep!  *high five*

Look mom, my NAME's on a billboard thingy!

You’ll find me at the Lemon Tree Theatre stage, at 12ish on Saturday Midday… after that you’ll find me lounging in the dam catching a tan or rocking (both ‘out’ and ‘back and forth’) at the main stage.

Below is the full line up that stretches over all the stages:

For all the Daisies info, go to  and follow them on twitter: @RockingTheDaisy the hastag this year is #RTD11 so be sure to tweet it if you’re there.

I’ll leave you with this thought: My mom used “daisy” to describe lady parts when I was a little girl, so let me just say. Rocking the Daisy sounds like a PERFECT spring past time. Plus the 5 year old Angel in me says “tee hee” every time I hear the name.

*High Five*

Awesome TV Advert of #RTD11 – to get you amped!

*high rockstar five* I want to Rock my Daisy #thatswhatshesaid TEE HEE!

My friends Rocking the Daisies 2010 - let's make 2011 more "Recyclable!"

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