Win Ted. The movie.

A movie about a boy who makes a wish that his teddy-bear comes to life and it comes true?  Eish. That sounds like something for the Disney channel. But when you add Family Guy’s Seth Macfarlane into the mix you get the hilarious TED. An incredibly witty and offensive movie full of one liners, and Mila Kunis.

It’s worth it just for the conversations you’ll have afterwards about the anatomy of Ted being able to have sex with a human… and yes, that scene is in the movie.

The ‘realistic’ tale on an unrealistic story. A teddy who started out as a kid, but grew up, just like his owner into a bong and ass hitting, smack talking ball of fur.

*High Five* to Seth Macfarlane, I want to be INSIDE that man’t brain to know how he thinks of these things.

Now, because being a pirate is only good if you live in the Caribbean, i know you’ll all be buying this DVD. *side eye*

You can buy a copy via Take A LotLoot or

Giving a DVD is a great Xmas present idea. And the fine folk over at Nu Metro Blu Ray and DVD have given me a DVD to give to YOU. Free. Boom. To do with what you want. Just call me Santa. But don’t call me a HO HO HO.


To become eligible to win, I’d like you to leave a comment on this post – tell me what your favourite toy was as a kid, and how you might imagine them to be if they’d grown up alongside you. (It will be a ‘random’ draw based on a number generator.)

I had a doll. She had an innocence face. Like, that’s what it said on the box. They had different emotions. I got ‘Oh So Innocent Cynthia’. Her name was Cynthia. Who names a doll that? Well, the box told me to. If Cynthia had turned into a walking and talking doll, that innocent big-blue eyed look would probably make me want to slap her now in our almost 30th year. Because. If she grew up with me… that innocence would have been a lie.

*High Five for imagination*

Oh, and here’s a summary of what’s on the DVD (as told by Ted):

• Gag Reel – Not going to lie. I blame the director.
• Ted: The Making of
• Feature Commentary with Seth MacFarlane, Alec Sulkin and Mark Wahlberg – Yeah, right. Where is MY commentary track?

• Deleted Scenes – One of these is literally called “Pooped in my Hand.” And it’s in HD.
• Alternate Takes – These scenes didn’t make it to the final cut… which is why they have random drug testing now.
• Teddy Bear Scuffle – All real, I lost my eye, but nailed Wahlberg in his tenders.
• Advanced Virtual Remote and Keyboard – Control Blu-­‐ray™ features and communicate with ease.
• Video Timeline – Instantly access any point in the film.
• Mobile-­‐To-­‐Go – Transfer exclusive bonus features to your device to enjoy anytime, anywhere.
• Browse Titles – Access a library of available titles and previews.
• Includes UltraViolet and Digital Copy of Ted

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23 Responses to Win Ted. The movie.

  1. Tamlyn Dollie (tdollie_001) says:

    My favourite toy was a power ranger. I was quite the tomboy so i would have loved it to grow up with me and be my protector. Fighting evil and protecting the innocent. Going to be knowing my power ranger would be by my side no matter what and be my guardian and have my back. Oh the dream of having a real life power ranger, it’s like having a real life Ted Teddy Bear

  2. Kerry-Lee Gurr says:

    I would have to say my teddy, which would have probably turned out a little like Ted!

  3. Dawn Wallenkamp says:

    I had a Cindy Doll, something like a barbie doll (they weren’t out when I was a child), she came to me when I was in hospital after having had my tonsils out and she became my best friend. If she had grown up with me I would have most certainly slapped some dress sense and hair-do sense into her as she would have been laughed at by my friends.

  4. Debbie Marais says:

    Wow I was the most happiest of girl when my parents gave me a bicycle for Christmas :-)

  5. Simmi Areff says:

    My favourite toy was my imaginary dad “Steve”. He did grow up with me. i would wake up from a dream and go to my parents and tell them how my imaginary dad helped me out. Sometimes if i got into a fight with my parents i would say “My other dad Steve wouldnt treat his son like this.”

  6. I had a Kewpie doll, one that our dog got hold of and bit her one hand off. I was devastated. I kept my doll and let her wear a sling on the one hand. I really wished that my doll could be alive and kick that dog on his behind. Even if she was a doll, I was talking to her all the time, reading her stories and wear my moms make-up. She use to sit on my lap wherever we went

  7. Tiaan Smith says:

    I was the BIGGEST Power Ranger fan on this planet!After watching the daily episodes,I would run to my room,grab my 5 power ranger toys and then play with them until I fall asleep.How rad would that be if they came alive??!Fighting the baddies and saving the planet from the evil Rita and Ivan Ooze!It’s Morphin Time!

  8. Lezelle Venter says:

    my favourite toy was Barbie. if she grew up with me she would have weight 200kg, have red hair and a big bum and no plastic surgery. no way that she would have stayed pretty for so long lol.

  9. yashin Gangadin says:

    My favorite toy was my doll that came in a tomatoe box even though it was my only toy I loved it

  10. Emma Birk says:

    I had a teddy bear and I still have it and when the teddy bear had come alive it would have been alot like ted

  11. Anton says:

    I had a He-man

    If he had grown up with me, so he’d presumably lifesize now, it would be sweet. He would be my gym buddy. and i’m sure he would push me to klap that extra set of reps and really get to feel that burn. I’m sure he’d be able to hook me up with roids as well, because, c’mon, let’s be honest, you don’t get a 24 pack (a case) just from the atkins diet. Although, being such a rad dude, he wouldn’t pressure me to confirm with his somewhat stereotypical, hypersexualised body type. If I just wanted to chill on the couch, drinking beer and eating junk food, he’d be cool with that too.
    he could also be my attention getter when we went cruising for chicks. that would be sweet. the chicks would be like: who’s your friend. And I’d be like: he’s like royalty in eternia. But, if I were you, I wouldnt waste my time with him. If you know what I mean. Im Anton by the way. Its nice to meet you. So, like… what are your interests?
    I never had battle cat, which is a real pity, because if I could cruise around on a tiger, then I wouldn’t need to have he-man there to get attention from chicks. I could be like: hey, he-man. Can i borrow battle cat for the afternoon? And he’d be like: shweet, bro, I’m just chilling here this, so go for it. Don’t forget our gym session later, dude!
    On the downside, living with him in greenpoint could be awkward if we went out for coffee and stuff. Not that Im a homophobe or anything, but chilling with muscle bound dude wearing just red undies, boots and a suggestion of body armour would be a bit weird – even in greenpoint. That bob cut of his might also need some updating, but i’m sure theres a stylist nearby who could sort that out for him.

  12. Jannie says:

    My favorite toy when i was a kid, was a long wooden stick and a old shaggy tire… Aaah how he use to glide down the old dirt road. Wish it could have come to life and grown up with me, got its shit together and grown up to be a BMW 5 series and we could have glided down the strip together…
    Every time I see a “tiger wheel and tyre” it brings me back to those days and a little tear runs down my cheek.

  13. MJ says:

    Oddly it was a little red wagon. Followed me everywhere.

  14. candice says:

    I had a little smurf figurine, I took it everywhere I went and I still have it !! My daughter now takes it everywhere we go and I often ask my daughter to show smurf just to make sure it doesn’t get lost! Somethings in life are simply un-replaceable!

  15. Tharishia Naidoo says:

    My baywatch barbie! If she’d grown up alongside me, she would’ve moved to Jhb with me, and wouldn’t have been a lifeguard anymore :P

  16. Salochana Naidoo says:

    A doll, that went everywhere with me. If I still had her, she’d be a great adventurer now :)

  17. Roanne Naidoo says:

    My cut-and-style brunette barbie, who would’ve grown up to be just as smart and intelligent like me! :)

  18. Pieter says:

    skeletor – kick smurf butt

  19. Jacqui Butler says:

    Mine favorite was my bike, I wanted a “racer” like my cousins, but ended up with a ladies bike. I ended up being able to do all the things on my ladies bike, that my cousins could do on their racers + I could carry sandwiches and cool drink in the basket.

  20. Bongiwe Mavimbela says:

    My favourite toy when I was a kid was a medium sized brown fluffly teddy bear, I named her Volly. I couldnt sleep without her, and now if Volly was big it would creep me out, who wants a big bear as a friend.

  21. Tammaryn says:

    My favorite toy was my teddy. His name was bear . He did well and time really did him well when my little boy was born my teddy took on to protect my little boys dreams. My son is not 2 and loves his teddy just as much as I loved that same teddy

  22. Dhesh says:

    I had a toddler doll called Fatty Boom Boom. She had this big grin on her face so I would imagine her as a happy-go-lucky person if she could have grown up.

  23. Elize Botha says:

    My favourite toy was a Barbie doll when i was a kid and it would be awesome if she was also a living doll!!! :-)

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