The caffé revolution

I have been functioning on an even higher vibration than usual this past week thanks to the lovely people at for giving me an espresso machine to try out for the week – and turn myself into a coffee aficionado.

If you missed the exciting news that my 2oceansvibe radio co-host, Kamini Pather WON MASTERCHEF SOUTH AFRICA this week then (where have you been) and now you know! Kamini would probably ace this caffeluxe challenge – which is to be able to identify all the different awesome blends and ‘flavours’ of coffee in a ‘blind tasting’. And i have the week with all of them to taste, to share and to teach myself.

There is Espresso Dark Roast, Espresso Medium Roast, Espresso Mild Roast, Lungo Dark Roast and Decaffeinated Roast. (the blurb:) Each blend will provide you with a variety of signature characters – from the velvety smooth finishes, to fruit and wine accents. With this much variety, there truly is a caffeluxe blend for every taste.

The best part is that they even have a decaf version, so my newly ‘mothered’ sister in law can even get to play with, and not jeopardise my 1 week old niece’s milk ;-)

So, if I beat this challenge, then I get to KEEP THE MACHINE! They made me do a trial test run on the day I collected the machine, and I got 50%… I’m going to have to channel some of Kamini’s food prowess to get this right.

Taking the first blind tasting VERY seriously...

I’ll blog again on Monday to tell you what additional awesome coffee-ness I have garnered. Right now I have to go so I can get home and try another blend….

There are a few of us involved in this “challenge” so look out for the hashtag #cafferevolution if you’re into that kind of thing.

If you’re wondering what this machine is – it’s like another version of the Nespresso machine, and it works with the pods too (the pods are interchangeable and so you can try all the brands with either machine) The reason I think cafféluxe is cool is because it’s LOCALLY produced. Here in Cape Town. Which is super rad.

The machines are available from leading retailers or online on from R699 – R1299

The frothers are available from R599.

The capsules are available at leading retailers or online on from R39.90

Now you know.

*high five*

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