The Lampooned Rob van Vuuren

Last night saw a very successful culmination of the Lampooning of Rob Van Vuuren. Based loosely on the Comedy Central ‘Roasts’ format… so loosely, that we were not allowed to call it that. And Lampoon became the catch phrase (and punch-line) of the evening as host, Martin Evans pointed out that we shall call it a “lampoon” in a very tongue in cheek manner…. and thus the tone of the entire evening was created.

Martin Evans - the Lampoon Lord

First things first.

Huge props need to be given to Rustum August and Christopher Steenkamp for organising the event. It was packed, well prepared and PIMPED out. Look at that set up there.

That’s an eff load more effort than 90% of Comedy events where you’ll often find yourself standing on a coffee table instead of a stage (true story). It really added a sense of occasion to see that giant squidgy faced rendition of Rob’s face. And a sense of twisted glee as Rob squirmed in his ‘throne’ that he deemed “incredibly uncomfortable”.

Martin found endless entertianment perching on the toilet-throne as roast-master, which in turn reflected in endless entertainment for the audience.

I’m not a critic or a reviewer. The fact remains that all of the roasters up there (with the exception of the Taxi Violence band member, George) are friends of mine. Good friends who I love and respect dearly. So I can only offer a biased opinion because I thought it was AWESOME!

Brendan Murray – the man with the big voice

Paul Snodgrass – The ginger angry comic, star of Casting Me.

Siv Ngesi – the ACTOR with the Body… who loves Glee.

George Van Der Spuy – From the band Taxi Violence, not Van Coke Kartel.

Louw Venter – The Tall guy who stands next to Twakkie

Roasts aside. They wouldn’t have been on that stage if they were not loved and respected members of the industry. And each and every one of them presented roasts that showed they both loved, respected, and trusted each other enough to be (and i have to use this word) CUNTS to one another!

Like all good roasts *ahem* Lampoons… the audience benefitted from the people on stage’s discomfort. Nerves were hit, teeth were grinded, yells of “too soon” echoed through the venue and lots of punchlines were met with “ooooh”s instead of laughter.

People’s relationship statuses, sexual orientation, carreers, sperm counts, bowel movements, faux paus and habits were all made fun of. There was very little sacred information up there. A special shout out to Louw Venter for killing as the last ‘lampooner’ with hilarious anecdotes of his and Rob’s time as Corne and Twakkie. Louw is a skilled storyteller and mopped the floor with the crowd in the palm of his hand.

But it must be said. From where I sat, not ONCE did it feel hostile from anyone. Every joke was done from a place of love and brotherhood. The saying ‘we only roast those we love’ becomes oddly apparent. And despite the insults hurled, none of them seemed to land on sore shoulders. (I hope.)

Siv representing with his David Newton Poster to deflect roasts about their working together.

As Rob summed up nicely, when he took the podium at the end. It was all a little overwhelming. The love in the room, thinly veiled as hate.

I was relieved to see a few video cameras rolling on tripods so that all of those beautiful moments will not be lost in our hazey beer soaked memories…

I definitely think the bar for future roasts has been set. Although, given Rob’s height, that bar is not very high. *roast continues*

High Fives all round gents.


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6 Responses to The Lampooned Rob van Vuuren

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  2. Martin Evans says:

    I heard that the host was shit and that everything was rubbish. Where does one apply for a refund? I didnt pay. But I would still like some money back if possible.

    • YesReallyAngel says:

      I heard a guy who lives in his trailer is handing out refunds in the shape of candy to passing children… you might want to check with him

  3. Epic night out! Martin Evans is made for Lampooooning. Maybe he can stage it from his Autovilla as Cape Town’s first mobile comedy gig? Big thumbs up to the organisers Rustum August and Christopher Steenkamp and all the lampooners, who did a great job. This is going to be a hard act to follow.

  4. peter says:

    Was a great show folks!

  5. mike says:

    We have the videos safely stored under lock and key.

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