There went the Bride…

After a few weeks of silence, I’m back. Despite rumours: I have not been in a coma, I have not been swept away to Hollywood, I have not been abducted by an alien space-ship. There was a wedding in the family.

Although. All three options seem somewhat similar to what the past few weeks with my family have been.

People came from far and wide, distant aunts and cousins, walking up to you as if you’ve been friends forever. You have that pained smile on your face as you try to figure out how in the HELL you know them. I got so good at faking it that I ended up having a long conversation with a distant family member, about their university degree and how their mom is… only to discover that she was a actually only a very chatty waitress at the wedding. (Keep the change)

But yes, my big brother got married last weekend. In the big St. Georges Cathedral, I walked down the aisle, behind a (very slow) little flower girl, who wanted to place each rose petal down, individually. The colours (for those who care) were Natural “Fynbos” colours, from Protea-Pink, Dusty Green and Soft Gold. The Bride wore white, and lace, and a veil… and looked, quite rightly, like a princess. Royal wedding 2.0.

He may kiss the bride.

The ceremony was lovely, and quick. No one stood up to any controversy and chose to “Forever hold their peace” and “I Dos” were said.

(Actually, They say “I will” because it has a more continuous connotation. I do refers to the present tense only, I will refers to ‘always’. Semantics.  This is nice and all, but, my wedding – that I’ve been practicing since I was five and first figured out that pillowcase could double as a veil – will be pretty tricky now that I have to rewrite the script.)

The after party was full of red carpets, crystal chandeliers and old people boogying. The way a wedding should be.  There was a swing band that played and I found a dashing young friend of my brother’s to spin me around on the dancefloor for most of the night.

I even got to dance with the groom himself. Before he whisked his bride off, with  “I got a feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas the soundtrack to their farewell, letting us all know that tonight was going to be a ‘good good night’… Then they went off to honeymoon in Kenya (where I have since learnt that people ACTUALLY say “Hakuna Matata” and it DOES mean “No worries”… “For the rest of your days”)

Dancing with my Big Brother

*High Five* to the new Mr. and Mrs. Campey (Sucks for her that she’s stuck with my crap last-name “for the rest of her days” hehehe)

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