Things I’d rather be doing.

Time. It’s not on our side. I don’t know what the Rolling Stones were thinking. Every moment is more precious than the next. We can’t even wait 15 seconds before clicking ‘skip ad’ and then sighing. “How DARE the internet delay me from my 2 hours’ worth of cat videos!”

That said, I’d rather go to home affairs to change my name to ‘Cuddlesticks McSadbum’ than claim from insurance. Oh my gosh, all of the questions and the “are you SURE you were not driving your car when that wrecking ball landed on it in the parking lot? Was Miley Cyrus involved?” No thanks.

I’d rather spend hours feeding the internet trolls than claim from insurance.

When my TV got stolen, it was easier to just stop being friends with the person who borrowed it than make a claim (true story). Honestly, I’d rather be a hermit with no mates, alone on a Friday night than go through that admin nightmare. Heck, I’d much rather drink orange juice after brushing my teeth. Speaking of which, “time to claim from insurance”, you say? Oh, sorry I just scheduled a root canal – a far better experience I’m sure.

Yeah. Time. It’s not on my side, and there’s a lot of things I’d rather be doing. Dealing with the admin of claiming from insurance is not one of them, and you can insure that opinion. But don’t try claim back when its time comes!

What are some things you hate, that are somehow still better than claiming from insurance?

Comment here or tweet with #ThingsIdRatherDoThanClaim, and let’s all grumble together.


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