Think Thai

If you know me at all. You’d know that Thailand is my absolute favourite place in the world.

2008 My First day in Thailand ever. One Night in Bangkok.

(After South Africa, obviously)

I’ve been there 3 times and even lived there for a stint, on Phuket Island (which is fun to say…and be on.) My name, Angel in Thai is Nang-Faah and I also know Muay Thai so don’t upset me unless you’d like my toe print on your cheek.

Thai Guys kindly re-enacting what they call "The Angel Kick" which I invented... in a time machine, and taught to them in days of old. Beware.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be tweeting and releasing blog posts to show you why I “Think Thai” and why YOU should too.

I love the People, the Language, the sounds, the cultures and above all – THE FOOD!

But First a video – from January 2009 – the second time I was in Thailand.


I had been training at a Muay Thai camp for a week, and my new best friend Camilla from Denmark, who I’d met at the Camp, and I decided to take the 2 hr speedboat ride out to Koh Phi Phi – the Island where they filmed ‘The Beach”. We (of course) went out till 5am the night before and our speedboat left at 7am… so after 1 hour’s sleep. We headed off to paradise – hungover and drunk.

Best day ever. Even including the fact that I got my nose broken.

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*High Five*

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3 Responses to Think Thai

  1. Camilla says:

    that was some of the best days of my life for sure!! miss ya!!

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