Tomtom High Five Winner

So the boys on the Black Top Live Rally have completed their epic voyage of self (and South African) discovery.

The Black Top Live guys

Team Ford was succesful in raising R40 000 which they donated to Missionvale in the Eastern Cape… check out the heart warming high fives.

TomTom Navigation:

Because the Black Top Rally guys are MEN (or Boys, depending how you look at it) they would never stop to ask for directions. Lucky for them, they had Tomtom as sponsors to help them find Cape Town.

Congrats to  Si Maclennan @SiMaclennan for his epic High Fives, he wins a TomTom !!

Their Logo has "High-five" all over it

Self High Five

Political High Five. Yes He Can!

Thanks to everyone for their awesome submissions. I have complied some of my favourites here.

To see how the rally went and for more news visit

*high five*

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