Top of the Times. Top of the world.

I’ve had a pretty incredible ‘birthday week’ and so far 35 is kicking 34’s ass… and we’re only 4 days in!

I awoke on Friday to texts from people saying “congrats on the cover” and my bleary eyed brain was trying to piece together what they meant. I knew I had done an interview with Robyn Cohen for the Times, but I didn’t realise it would be ON THE COVER!

But it was. I quickly ran to the lounge to tell my roommate… he already knew, he’d already seen it. *eye roll* – Siv already knows EVERYTHING. I wanted someone to be excited about it, for the first time! I hadn’t even seen it yet,  all I had were the photos on my phone that people had sent me.

So a few hours of email admin later, I eventually pulled myself into a sparkly skirt and put on some red lippy (birthday week extraness) and headed off down the street to the corner store (that also has an ATM, because WHO has cash on them these days?!) to draw cash, and buy a Cape Times. Yay.

Wouldn’t you know it, the shop was closed for Mosque. Friday lunch time. Ugh. Stupid me. Now I cast my eyes around desperately, I saw the other corner stores, but I knew they wouldn’t take card. I needed cash.

There was a man standing, smoking outside his hair-salon and I asked him if he knew where there was an ATM… he pointed quite far down the road (did I mention that I was wearing precariously high heels – that I really shouldn’t be, what with wobbly side-walks and my old-age?) So I sighed and said mostly to myself, “I just want to buy a newspaper!”

He jumped into action, and said “which one?” “The Cape Times.” at which point he went back into his store, came out holding a fifty and said, hold on, I’ll get it for you.

I protested. I didn’t mean for him to solve my problem.. he shushed me and immediately disappeared around the back of the closed store, tapping on the windows to tell his friend to open.

He didn’t even know WHY I wanted the paper. He was just being kind. I stood there helplessly for a few minutes, waiting for him to come back, realising what a joyful blessing this human was. Making my paper-purchase so much more meaningful. The world truly is filled with a lot of joy and kind gestures, when you look.

He emerged from the side alley, holding the paper – with MamWinnie Mandela on the main cover. I thanked him profusely, he brushed it aside. I found out his name was Jimmy, and then I told Jimmy, that his little act of kindness actually meant more to me than he’d realised… and standing on the street, with this stranger/new friend – we paged through the sections, and I pulled out the arts section, which I was proudly gracing the cover of. He and I both got excited and jumped up and down!



If you missed the article, you can read it here:

What a great way to start a Friday.

This is me realising that they REALLY didn't care. Lol

I was trying to show the tourists in the bus next to me that I was on the cover. They didn’t care. lol.


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  1. JL Mo says:

    Congrats! You are beautiful and altogether wonderful, proven by your acknowledgement of the kind stranger/new friend being a joyful blessing. A pic of you and Jimmy holding the paper would have nailed this article.

    • YesReallyAngel says:

      Thank you so much! haha. I didn’t want to invade Jimmy’s privacy – maybe he’s hiding from an ex lover, then I’m putting him all over the internet!? ;)
      Isn’t a photo he took enough?

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