Travel on a Budget

Winter, the old hag, is starting to rear her ugly head here in South Africa. This makes us dream of vacation getaways to luxurious, warm places like Thailand, Mauritius or even the fireplace on granny’s farm (no need to dream too big).

Travelling is a luxury afforded to those who can afford it (that’s probably where the word afford was invented. Well, either then or when the first American car was mass-produced. Some lady said, “Ooh Henry, what is that?” “It’s a Ford”).

In my previous article about credit we learnt that credit is essentially debt, and the only way to stay out of debt is never to go into credit. It’s confusing. But that’s where moneysmart helps iron it all out with budgets. Just stay within your budget and you won’t get into debt, right? Easy to say. Not so easy to do. Especially when you see pina coladas and walks in the rain on exotic islands in your future….


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