Uber South Africa Rocks The Vote!

As if I didn’t love Uber enough already. That nifty app that takes about 5mins (max) to hail a cab, and when I say cab I mean luxury car… like BMW 3 series and fancy schmancy things.
Now they are supporting democracy.

“As a country South Africans recently celebrated 20 years of freedom.

To celebrate this freedom, Uber is giving back to our loyal riders, and helping make your election day even easier.

During polling hours (7am-9pm) on May 7th, Uber is offering two FREE rides (for new AND existing users) to and from all polling stations around Cape Town. With the ease of Uber’s service, you’ll feel like we’re bringing the ballot to you!

Since we are all about self expression here at Uber, once you are done voting, tweet to us or instagram your pictures & videos with #UberVoteSA and tell us why your vote mattered.”

*High Five* uber… Now you have NO EXCUSE not to vote, South Africans. But you can’t vote for Uber, although you might want to – talk about SERVICE DELIVERY!


  • Enter the promo code “VOTESA.”
  • You will be entitled to two free rides up to R200 each, between 7am and 9pm on Wednesday, May 7.

Demand will be off the charts. So you may have to try a few times before you can get a ride.

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