Up The Creek 2013. We Ate Life.

Up the Creek 2013 was this past weekend. It’s probably the most epic festival you can imagine. Not too big. No crazy frat-boy type people. A real, ecclectic mix of die hard festival goers who’ve braved more dirt road to get there than most Capetonian yuppie cars could ever cope with. (I know this because I am one such car owner, i had to get a lift to the fest.)

Take all of these awesome people. Add in a top notch calibre of local folk rock, pop rock and rock talent, and you’re still no where NEAR close to how epic it is… because you need to take all of that in your mind that’s good and PUT IT ON A RIVER… no. PUT IT IN A RIVER. The one stage was literally in the water. Not on a sand bank on the edge. Not overlooking water… in the water. With us.

The river stage... surrounded by AWESOME

No one drowned. Only sorrows were drowned (with alcohol).

I had the priveledge of MCing the Main Stage on Friday night, in the “celebration of women” show. Which included all standing on stage, with the silky voices of Shotgun Tori, Lucy Kruger and Tailor – and me, and a bunch of other “whos?” in the most estrogen fulled ode to the va jay jay – Janis Joplin’s ‘Another little piece of my heart’ and Four Non Blondes “What’s going on?”. A proper highlight. Of my life. Now i know how rockstars feel. And if it weren’t for this pesky ‘not being able to sing’ thing… i’d totally persue that. Well, then again. It never stopped Britney Spears. Meow.

Look. There’s not alot i can say that will supercede the next few photos. Taken within 10 mins of eachother… in the river. At around 3pm. I’d already fallen asleep on a lilo (with rock music, hundreds of people and floating on the river? Yes, the sun and whiskey was THAT good.)

So, now we are a stone’s throw from the main stage. A drunk guy is trying to convince our new friend (met 5 mins earlier) to kiss him again… We dared him to kiss a granny first. Which he did. (yay granny for being in the river with us) Then he showed up the tattoo… and some hazy moment later someone said ‘hey, Angel, do you want to go on top of the pyramid?’ and I was like HELL TO THE YEAH!

That is 10 mins of Up The Creek. I was there for 3 days.

Be there next year. Never miss it again. You have been warned.

My look of glee in this pic is topped only by the one the tattoo artist who did this must have had when he found out how dumb the guy was...

Me topping a pyramid. Fulfilling any American high-school cheerleading FOMO.

Eat Life. In Memory.

Happy Birthday Rustum. 02.02.1984 – 30.08.2012

*Parallel Universe High five*

photos by Robyn Thompson. (who we met in the river.)


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  1. Jos says:

    That, was a proper rad jol. Good to meet you kids. xx

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