Upgraded to Big Girl Panties

Hello, and thank you for moving your finger and clicking in the appropriate avenues to land you onto this blog post of mine.

It looks like my blog, it feels like my blog… but it’s better.

Why don’t you glance on up there at the url… yup. that’s a dot com address. No more dot wordpress piggyback.

*pause while i brush dirt off my shoulder*

My Site is now PIMPED!

So what you are looking at right now, looks and acts the same. But it’s fancier. It’s basically the same as upgrading your fake Louis Vuitton handbag, bought for under a hundred bucks in the back alleys of Bangkok with a real one, bought in Paris. NO ONE KNOWS. But you know. And somehow, in some universe, that makes you cooler. Plus. You can smell the real leather. Doesn’t it smell better than the plastic smell of sweat-shop worker’s tears? Well. that’s debateable.

Welcome to randomhighfives.com !

I feel like a big girl now.

*high five*

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quirky, sardonic, sarcastic, ironic, satirical girl. Lover of marshmallows and high-fives.
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