What Music Style is your Spending?

My latest moneysmart column:

What if your financial spending style was like a musical stereotype? Lets delve into the world in my mind of MTV, line dancing, radio hits and dollar bills, yo.

Hip Hop and Rap
You are all about short-term results with your spending style. Wasting money on flashy cars, diamond encrusted walking sticks and solid gold. You talk about money all the time but probably don’t stick to a very responsible budget. When a girl in a club asks you to pop another bottle and you oblige, your budget quietly weeps. You’re all about luxury and opulence, which is great while you’re still “young money”. But you’d best think about future investments before all those credit cards start putting you in some serious D.E.B.T. Which is not the name of a hot new jail-broken talent, but a nasty thing that banks claim from people who aren’tmoneysmart. You might need to take out life-insurance as drive by shootings are a common problem.

read the full article including ‘Country Western’, ‘Emo’, ‘Rockstar’ and ‘Hipster’ Spending styles….

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