Winter, the Old Hag.

As I type this, it is howling outside. That kind of howling that makes you snuggle down into your fluffy Eeyore slippers and feel safe and cozy listening to the rapping of horizontal rain whipping into your windows.

Ah, Cape Town’s winter has reared it’s ugly head. There are two kinds of people in this world. People who love cold weather and sane people. (I am neither.)

This morning I was torn from the glory of giving my pillow head, to venture outside for a modelling test shoot. Which on the whole, isn’t the crappest way to spend a day – unless the stylist has lots of vintage sundresses and outdoor things in mind. Guess where this is going? Yup.

Before the sundresses: This is me, "Warm"

I was freezing, in the howling wind… The kind of cold where you forget how sunshine feels, ever. and If you’ll ever be warm in your life again, with misty rain and soggy feet. The crew are miserable, people’s cardboard cut-out girlfriends and boyfriends are blowing away – and so are reflector boards. Exhausting for all involved. Maybe I’m just melodramatic. Maybe I’m right.

The bottom line is, I’m home safe. It’s dark out there now and I can truly say I am grateful that I’m in here. But that’s not true for everyone in South Africa. The knowledge that -right now- under a bridge there is someone who is colder than i was today, and hungrier – fighting against the thieving fingers of the Cape winds for their pieces of cardboard. Their “warmth”. Well, that breaks my heart. And it shouldn’t be allowed.

Now, our dear old Twitter has a form of solution. The Twitter Blanket Drive  they are collecting blankets near you. All over SA. I beg you, remember how often you complain about having to “go out in the cold” imagine having to STAY out there.

Follow #TBDZA to find out where you can donate.

If you can’t donate a blanket then you MUST have an old jersey or two – you know the one with reindeers that Aunty Mable knitted? Or the old velore tracksuits that are so “Two thousand and Late”. Pass them on to someone who will treasure them. Or pack an extra muffin or hot pie in your lunch box to pass out to someone at the robots. Failing all of that: you could also not ignore homeless beggars, with the trained indifference that us Saffas have mastered, but – smile. Make eye-contact. Show them kindness. Is that slight annoyance for 30 seconds at a traffic light really going to ruin your day? Think about theirs.

There is a Japanese Proverb that goes: One kind word can warm three winter months.

Now it’s not like me to be serious and unfunny. And I promise not to go all green-peace on your asses. But the thought of the joy, hope and humanity that exists in that poor, cold soul under a highway overpass right now… receiving something warm. Well that’s a freaking high-five moment right there.

*High Five*

Me keeping warm between shots - At least I had a coat!

Remember: and tweet it hashtag #TBDza

Cant get to a blanket drive? Other SA charities to donate to:

Help take the chill out of winter by donating warm clothes and blankets to iCare, the national charity that helps uplift the poor.

Siyanqoba Service Foundation Centre – Helping the Honeydew Squatter Camp community with regard to food and clothing.

No one likes lying in the wetness.


*high five*


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