World Baking Day… attempt

So it was World Baking Day this past Sunday the 19th May. And the wonderful people at Stork got a whole bunch of us involved with the #BakeBrave challenge.

Two dapper ‘Men In Black’ delivered a mysterious box, bound with a chain and padlock…


Once code was cracked it revealed the ‘Milk Tart Cake’ at a difficulty level of 45/100.

That difficulty level is less than half difficult… I’d like to submit that it would only be 45% hard to ACTUAL BAKERS.

I defiantly endeavoured to complete this task, solo (with the help of  a borrowed @ishotimagesza electric beater).

Things I NOW know about baking (that I didn’t before)

When the recipe says GRAMS don’t assume that where you might not have a scale, a measuring cup will suffice. Millilitres and Grams are NOT the same. Liquid and powders are NOT the same volume. (My mother literally laughed until she couldn’t breathe when I told her that I didn’t know this… oh the older generation!)

If the recipe tells you to SIFT the flour through a sieve and you don’t have one, don’t assume that running your fingers through the flour to make sure there are no lumps is the same thing.

Sifting adds air to batter… air helps batter rise. I had nor air nor enough flour due to these facts, and then – i had a pan-cake.

(My first attempt at the cake was a literal ‘flop’. Second attempt, marginally better.)

They Say Cooking is an Art and Baking is a Science.

Well, I’m a performer and an ARTIST, I’m definitely no scientist.

The milk tart filling was satisfyingly successful (and delicious)…

Nice white gooey Chocolate Ganache will turn into brown crumbly fudge if overheated. (But will still taste delicious) Mine did.

I will heat it over boiling water rather than in the microwave next time (ha! “next time”) because the microwave’s ‘Defrost’ was clearly still too hot. Besides, microwaves are satanic… anything that gets that hot without fire is witchcraft.

Things I got RIGHT:

Not very much…. BUT:

The (second) cake I baked needed to be sliced in half to make 4 layers. The recipe suggested thread or dental floss… i used a butcher’s knife… and it WORKED.

The milk Tart filling tasted delicious and was the correct consistency.

I sprinkled the cinnamon on the layers of milk tart without much incidence.

I had to abandon the Dark chocolate lacey wrap around… because… well… I might not be a scientist, but I have enough logic to know to stop while I’m behind.

All of that being said: I had so much fun. World Baking day may have appeared to be a flop to me, but actually – I now understand more of baking than I did before, and I’ll start smaller with the next project, maybe with cookies or cupcakes… however. These are mistakes I won’t make again.

Learning from trial and error.

Besides, the cake might look tragic, but it tastes YUM! And that’s all that REALLY matters…. Unless you’re a bakery.




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