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January 2012

9th. Standing under fairy lights, looking at the warm night sky.

10th. Getting just the right amount of sunburnt. Enough to feel warm and tanned.

11th. Riding in a convertible with good friends, on a warm summer night. Throwing your hands up like a rollercoaster and singing along to Barry White – My Everything.

12th. Singing so loud in your car you make street beggars laugh.

13th. Taking a dog for a walk. Watching her as she succumbs to running and rolling in the tall grass. You could swear that was a smile on her face.

14th. Being able to say “i love you” to someone. And mean it.

15th. Drinking Creme-Soda and lots of ice, out of a wine-glass in the heat-wave.

16th. Eating Honey that was made from hives in my childhood neighbourhood. The nectar could have come from some of the flowers in my garden.

17th. Watching someone laugh so hard they look in pain.

18th. Having a cold shower in hot weather.

19th. A phone battery that doesn’t die.

20th. Being complimented by someone you admire.

21st. Giving someone a sincere compliment, and watching them glow with humble pride.

22nd. Seeing a photo of yourself that you really love.

23rd. Watching someone get moved to tears by a birthday present they really love.

24th. Eating Chicken Licken Hot-wings for the first time.

25th. Taking a drive by the seaside.

26th. Being able to show your favourite movie to someone who’s never seen it before.

27th. Eating steak masala gatsbys, from Athlone, in an outdoor theatre, with good friends, whilst watching a Chinese themed Shakepearean comedy production and drinking black-labels, from the bottle – under the stars, on a warm night. (oh yes. that happened)

28th. Being pleasantly surprised by an audience.

29th. Eating hot malva pudding. For breakfast.

30th. Starting a number one trending topic in South Africa #Dear6YearOldSelf on Twitter

31st. Getting approved to be the co-host of a brand new radio show!


1st: Feeding baby ducks in a park.

2nd. Finding parking right outside where you need to be.

3rd. Taking a long bath and then painting your fingernails a delicious colour. (mostly applicable to girls only)

4th. Doing a ballet inspired gumboot dance, with tomatoes inside your boots. Squeltching joy.

5th. Getting to know close friends on a road-trip.

6th. Having freshly waxed legs. Smooth on the sheets.

7th. Exploring your city through the eyes of a foreigner and falling in love with it again.

8th. Ferrero Rocher milkshakes at midnight.

9th. Late night truth and reconciliation text conversations. Making peace.

10th. Being someone’s ‘person’. The first one they call to tell good news – and hearing their good news.

11th. Talking for over an hour on skype to your grandparent.

12th. Spending the whole day in your pyjamas.

13th. A cup of tea and your favourite TV show.

14th. Valentine’s messages from the right people. Comedy. Surprise red roses from your flat-mate. Good Friends. Glee

15th. Making someone laugh, at your own expense.

16th. Throwing a surprise birthday party for someone. Wasting the ‘good surprise’ on the wrong person. Seeing the joy on the right person’s face.

17th. Packing a suitcase for an exciting trip.

18th. Chatting ’till sunrise with friends.

19th. Lying on green grass under trees in summer.

20th. Roasting the perfect chicken.

21st. Extraordinary gifts of ‘pay it forward’. Having someone you admire quote YOU on stage.

22nd. Drinking beer with a circle of friends.

23rd. Kindness of others. A cab fair loaned when locked out of your car.

24th. Being able to phone your mom, when all else fails.

25th. Watching two people in love dance badly, happily, together.

26th. Cupcakes, laughter & Comedy applause breaks. To end a blue day with pink.

27th. Getting headhunted (the good kind) and skipping in your apartment with glee.

28th. Long dinners with old friends.

29th. Leap Year. Going to a function and getting FREE alcohol.


1st. Friendly Shop assistants who make your day brighter.

2nd. Random Strangers in public walking over to me and complimenting this tab on my blog :)

3rd. Bonding with fellow comics as we laugh over the worst gig and the noisiest crowd of hecklers. Then getting a round of free drinks sent over from one of the hecklers THEN: Watching the hecklers beat the crap out of each other in a bar fight.

4th. Hearing a 70 year old white-lady, confide in me about an elicit affair she had in her hey-day in Paris with a suave, black, Moroccan man.

5th. Getting only green traffic lights on a drive in the city.

6th. Trying on pretty clothes, you have no intention of buying.

7th. Feeling bouncy after a new haircut.

8th. Being grateful for wonderful people in your life.

9th. Going live on radio for the first time with 2girls1mic

10th. Surprising an old friend, who’s so happy to see you she becomes emotional.

11th. Starting the 29 days count down to my 29th birthday

12th. Finding a moment to put your feet up and close your eyes on a busy day.


5th: Chatting with friends until the bar closes.

6th: Making strangers laugh with ‘Be Happier’ protest

7th:  Helium Balloons!

8th: Singing in your birthday countdown with people you care about.

9th: Getting the first birthday text from the right person :)

10th: Moms.

24th: Enthusiastic people.

25th: Roadtrips through beautiful countryside

25th: Smelling clean country air.

26th: Staring at the sea.

27th: Making your Granny laugh.

28th: Sunsets.

29th: Hot Baths in Cold Weather

30th: Homemade prawn curry


1st: Honey on toast

2nd: Laughing at Lampoonings

3rd: Not having to be anywhere outdoors on a rainy evening.

4th. Seeing joyful people laugh amongst themselves in a mall

5th. Satisfying feeling of spring cleaning your closets.

6th. Working on a project and getting glitter on your hands.

7th. Telling Jokes that make people laugh.

8th. A good glass of wine.

9th. Friends from long ago and far away reaching out across the planet to help you.

10th. Dinner and a movie with a good friend.

11th. Fresh Macaroons.

12th. Finding the perfect winter jacket.

13th. Making a mother’s day gift that moves your mom to tears.

14th. TV shows so funny they make you Laugh out loud when you’re alone.


23rd. Reuniting with long lost family.

24th. Getting sunburnt in the middle of winter


26th. Reaching a new high in your career.

27th. GPS helping a scary city become navigable.

28th. High Heels.

29th. Meeting new people that make you laugh.

30th. Having a beer for a friend you loved enough to be heartbroken over their death with another friend who feels the same.


9th. Crying and laughing alongside people who all lost someone they loved, and then getting drunk for him.

10th. Intellectual Conversations.

11th. Big Screen TVs.

12th. Cute Doctors. making a scary visit, shy.

13th. Liking your job.

14th. Looking into your own psyche and finding out that you like yourself.

15th. Mending broken family relationships. Admitting you’re wrong.

16th. Making friends with strangers who you ignore everyday in your building.

17th. Restaurants that Deliver for free.

18th. Big Brothers.

19th. Pedicures.


29th. Sharing good news with 4 close friends, and getting 4 texts back: 1.”Boom! Pow!” 2.”Whoooooooop!!! Well Done!!!!” 3. “*line of happy party emoticons*” and 4. ” WHOOOHOOO. AHHHH SHEEEET”  :)





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  2. Andre says:

    Having the right person (girl or boy), smile at you …

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