New York, I thank you.

After a whirlwind goodbye, days of travel, hitting the ground running and finally face-planting into 12 hours of solid sleep. I have a moment to thank every human in New York, for making it THE most magical time that exceeded any expectations I’d dared to dream. From every audience member who laughed, contributed or made things awkward, to every comedian who gave me stage time, advice or beer. To the network of comics that I hung out with, that inspired me, that became my friend, that made me laugh. I thank you.

And to everyone else:
Boozy brunches, Brooklyn Bridge, Rainbow Bagels, giggling at modern art in the Met, brown-bagging beer on the Staten Island Ferry, Netflix, braving the cold rain to watch Broadway shows, Korean food, Mexican food, Thai food, Italian food, sunsets on top of the Rock, laughter, conversations, dog walks, craft beer, instagram tunnels, debating with Trump supporters, 5th Avenue cocktails, Central Park, bad comedy, great comedy, Tulips, Insomnia cookies, Breakfast pots of tea, watching the Yankees lose, Brooklyn sunsets with overpriced wine. Thank you for being part of, and helping create all of these memories. Old friends, new friends, lost friends, found friends. I thank you all. You were an integral part of it being magical, and I will be back. Soon.

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New York State of Mind

The original big Apple obsession, before Steve Jobs made it fit in our pockets.
Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 4.46.07 PM

As many of you know, I’m headed to NYC in 2 weeks’ time. I’m going to be exploring the underground stand-up comedy circuit, jumping on stages, lurking in audiences and taking selfies backstage… and in times square, because… cummaan!

Lesser known fact is that I actually lived in NYC during my Gap Year (and I bought gap jeans there, true story, although the pun wasn’t intended. I wasn’t very funny at 18. it took years of failure to cultivate this. Literally actually 10 years, since i started stand up at 28.) So it’s going to be 15 years, almost to the day since I was last in New York.

2001 was a pretty big year for the big Apple. Most notably, 9/11 happened. And yes, I was in New York for that. And no, i wasn’t in harm’s way. It was 8am. I was in bed. I might not have been a comedian yet, but I had a comedian’s sleeping patterns. (I was actually modelling… which is much the same thing, with less junk food, same amount self loathing and drugs.) Look at me acting all funny about drugs, like I’m cool. Look I wear high-tops now, so I think I’m kinda thug. (I recently bought my first pair of high tops. And I actually feel like every non-white person is laughing at me when they see me walking with what can only be described as ‘adidas bought white people swag’) No, I didn’t notice a single drug in NYC in 2001, I wasn’t even legal to drink at 18 (America is messed up like that) and had to brown bag Coors light, which is ironic, given it’s lame alcohol content.

2001 was also the year that was pre digital. I don’t even think the ipod had come out yet. I literally walked around with a FILM camera in my handbag, incase something awesome happened (no points for guessing that I DIDN’T Have my camera on me the day I left my Greenpoint, Brooklyn apartment on Tuesday Morning, which turned out to be September 11th.) I had a film camera and a CD walkman, that took batteries. I also didn’t have my camera on any of the days I met celebrities, which included Liv Tyler naked (in a changing room) I suppose she was glad I didn’t have my camera that day. No one else is.

To be honest, I don’t really know what i DID take photos of. Photos were so underrated in 2001, pre digital, pre social media, pre not having to have a slideshow of travel photos to make anyone actually see the pics aside from strangers in a bank queue. I think I have one blurry photo of the Statue of liberty and a few overexposed images of us drinking indoors, which could have been ANY-FUCKING-WHERE.

So, yes. I will be snapping EXCESS of photos on my 2016 voyage to NYC. I was so worried, at 18, with fitting in, and not looking like a tourist, and one of the things New Yorkers told me to do in order to blend in was ‘look pissed off’ and ‘don’t look up’ (because only tourists think tall buildings are cool. Or clouds, apparently.)
Well fuck. I DO NOT CARE about looking cool at 33. I am PAST my prime. I will be looking up like a short guy at a strip club… and the buildings will be the exotic Russians clothed in angular glass and cement. So I’ll be looking up. But I’m older now – and have resting bitch face. So maybe I’ll still look pissed off. I tried so hard to fit in when I was 18. I remember trying to walk in Times Square (rookie error, no locals go there) thinking I blended in, when a street vendor greeted me, “hey pretty lady, what country are you from?” Dammit. My cover was blown. I hadn’t even spoken. How did he know? I was truly mortified that I didn’t look local. Shame. Poor little Angel.

One time, I was in the subways and Joshua Jackson (yes, PACEY from Dawson’s Creek. Which was still very much A THING then) was waiting on the same platform as me. It was 2am so we were the only people there, and the trains were running slower than they do during business hours. I recognised him but was too shy to say anything, then my train arrived, after I got on I noticed that he didn’t make a move to get on, so this wasn’t HIS train. In a moment of YOLO I jumped off the train and decided to ‘pretend to be a foreigner and pretend that I was lost’. This is where it gets really good. 18 year old Angel was so convinced that she fitted in, seamlessly in NYC that SHE PUT ON A FAKE BRITISH ACCENT TO CONVINCE HIM THAT SHE WASN’T AMERICAN. Yes. I did that. This is true. No, my REAL South African accent isn’t exotic enough. I pretended I was lost, (british) asked him if he knew which train I needed. Turned out he was more lost than me, and I had to help him realise he was at the wrong station and walked with him to his new station (pretending I needed the same train). So Mr. Jackson doesn’t realise that his Guardian Angel, Angel helped him that night. Halfway through hanging out, I started trying to phase IN my normal accent, and phase OUT my Fake british accent. It was like a drunk Australian doing an Irish accent, I didn’t even bat an eyelid because he told me I was the first South African he’d ever met, so I knew he had no frame of reference. He did side-eye me pretty hard every time I swung from Pom to Saffa. He probably thought I was an American, fucking with him. Damn. I was THE WORST at 18. I didn’t have my camera that night either. I went home and wrote it in my diary though, which is almost as good. *hangs head*

So now it’s the NYC reboot. Bigger, better, less lame. Or maybe more lame. But Awesome all the same.

I have sorted out some epic hosts via friends and couchsurfing. (I love the internet.)
I will try to be better with blogging and just have massive brain-farts on here, so keep in touch for that chaos.

I’m looking forward to hitting the hustle in the Comedy underground, just to get on stages, or to chat with NY comedians, to hear their world views, and experience THEIR comedy. I cannot wait to stretch my brain and document this time – and I will have my iPhone6s, Apple belongs in the big Apple, i hope I see Liv Tyler naked again. For all our sakes.

*This Post was not sponsored by Apple. Although, if you work for Apple. Let’s talk.

(If anyone has any comedian connections in NYC, please let me know – I’m so interested in networking and finding out about all the underground gigs.)

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Wild Wild West Coast

Whenever you eat shellfish in South African restaurants, the menu says it comes from Saldanha. I’ve always wanted to go to this magical place up West Coast, the birthplace of yumness, and eat cheap sea-food. So, this past weekend – to mark our 2 year anniversary – my boyfriend and I ventured the hour and half drive out of the city.

After some research and phoning around, I’d found out that the oyster factory no longer sells direct to the public, but you can buy from Charlie’s Fish Shop in Suldahna for R7.60 each. We stopped by and picked up the cheapest dozen we’d ever got and headed on to the accommodation I’d randomly found via to eat oysters and drink wine  (that we’d bought in Cape Town before leaving the city) on their terrace.


Our oysters and wine


The charming terrace surrounds


We stayed in Jacob’s Bay – A place I’d never heard of but I liked the look of the guesthouse, Klokkiebosch. It’s a tiny village between Suldahna and Paternoster. 20 mins each way. The whole of Jacob’s Bay has white washed houses, with blue details and gravel roads – so It reminds you of Greece or Italy (or what photos of Greece or coastal Italy make me think it’s like).

klokkie bosch 12550-10.jpg.800x470_q90_upscale

Klokkie bosch terrace


Our guesthouse from the road.


It’s the most sleepy, idyllic place and I’d love to disappear there for at least a week,  just to read, breathe and relax. Our guesthouse was Klokkiebosch and it was just charming.

We headed into Paternoster for Rugby (SA beat Scotland, yay) and Paternoster is an equally idyllic (if somewhat more established) fishing town. Complete with white washed buildings and a long stretch of soft sand beach. Food in Paternoster was not as cheap as I’d dreamed, but fancier. Turns out it’s quite a fine-dining hub and all the main restaurants were fully booked. The Noisy Oyster and The Gaaitjie. We found a table at the cozy Square Spoon and had Snoek, Prawns and seafood curry with coconut rice. All very yum.

The view from our table at Gaatijie

The view from our table at Gaatijie

The following morning we returned to Paternoster for lunch where we managed to get a table at Gaatjie. I’d recommend Gaatijie for lunch and the Noisy Oyster for dinner if you’re doing the foodie thing, because Gaatjie is RIGHT on the beach so the views would be wasted at night. (Again, I felt like i was eating in Greece – or heaven.) It’s fine dining at it’s best and the presentation and flavours were sublime. But it still has the natural laid back environment of a small beach town.

Complmentary bread with pickled tomatoes and olive & anchovy tapenade.

Complimentary bread with pickled tomatoes and olive & anchovy tapenade.


Panfried Kabeljou

Panfried Kabeljou


Lamb shoulder with pea and mint puree




my strandloper


misty whitewashed village


A very memorable anniversary lunch was followed by a stroll on the misty beach before the scenic drive back to Cape Town to catch more rugby (Argentina beat Tonga!) Good food and good results all weekend.

*high five*


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Sri Lank Awesome day 2: Colombo to Kandy

In April 2015 I had the most magical 2 weeks in Sri Lanka, now I’m trying to diarise it both for my memories and your travel reference.

I wrote a post about my first day in Sri Lanka here.

On our second day we woke up super early to catch the train from Colombo to Kandy. We booked this online ahead of time, the tickets are really cheap on trains – but we were in Sri Lanka over their new years’ celebrations, so all the locals were travelling too – so we paid a little extra to a booking agent in order to secure seats. It was still only around R100 each (as opposed to about R50). It’s best to book ahead of time but you can only get the fancy carriages online. In Colombo, there is a special ticket window for tourists in the 1st & 2nd class advance booking office at the east end of Colombo Fort station, it’s all very user friendly. We travelled 2nd class ‘coz 1st class was sold out. But it was perfectly pleasant, clean and spacious.

At the station, wandering around the platforms, a few locals offered us assistance as to which train we needed, and after a while of us nervously staring bemused at the menagerie of people and trains, a young deaf guy took us by the hand (they took us by the hand many times over the next 2 weeks) and guided us all the way to our train and  seat. Then he asked for a donation. Dammnit, HUSTLED! We gave him a tip and sat in our seats, bottled water and backpacks in hand.


Most of the rest of our compartment filled up with school-aged kids and a few sweet grey haired grannies, white hair in a neat bun offset by their colourful saris. Sri Lankans are as excited by the train as tourists are. I don’t remember seeing any other tourists on that train trip so you really feel part of the country. After having lived in South Korea, I’m used to being stared at by locals but Sri Lankans are far more polite/shy and do not make you feel alien at all. Mostly just avoiding eye contact and allowing you to just carry on.

Through every blackout tunnel all the Sri Lankan girls scream (echoing throughout the train) and all the boys make ghost noises. It’s really quite charming and joyful. One of the grannies and I exchanged a grin and head shake at the adorable youth antics, once the daylight had returned to the carriage after a particularly long black out.

We took the train from Colombo to Kandy because 1: it’s an efficient way to travel and 2: it’s so fun and gorgeous as the train ascends out of the tropical heat of the coastal Colombo, up into the cooler mountainous regions, along cliffs and over passes. (Tip: Make sure you get a seat on the right hand side of the train, that’s where all the views are.) We didn’t have right hand side seats, but everyone leaves their seats to lean out of the doorways and visit friends, so you all get to take a turn leaning out the windows.

IMG_3654 IMG_3656 IMG_3662 IMG_3698 IMG_3876

Arriving in Kandy, the cultural capital of Sri Lanka, we had already booked our hotel ahead of time so we hopped in a tuk tuk at the train station and he took us up some twisty, steep cement roads to the venue. We stayed at the Kandyan Crown Hotel (quite a stunning boutique backpackers that’s 4 storeys high because it’s built down the side of a cliff. It’s nice and isolated from the noisy main part of Kandy, and the views are spectacular.)

I had to have some Sri Lankan tea, aka Ceylon tea. As I hadn’t had it properly from a teapot yet. So the owner gave us access to a side balcony, a pot of tea and time to plan the rest of our day (he was very helpful with recommendations and his own tuk tuk driver that we could phone and call whenever we needed him – this worked out cheaper than using random tuk tuks. Transport around Kandy is more expensive than Colombo, you’ll feel like you’re being hustled – but it’s standard – so if you can make a plan with your hotel, like we did – take it!)

Ceylon tea

Ceylon tea


One of many balconies on the Kandyan Crown

Inside, the spacious, cool wooden interior with 2 storey, floor to ceiling views.

Inside, the spacious, cool wooden interior with 2 storey, floor to ceiling views.

Our tuk tuk driver

Our tuk tuk driver on the small back roads of Kandy.

Kandy is called the cultural capital of Sri Lanka because it was the last city to fall to colonialism and therefore preserved a lot more of the traditional architecture, temples and traditions. As I said it’s cooler than Colombo due to it’s mountain location, but it’s still hot and humid. Think Durban summer.

Kandy has a huge man-made lake in the centre of the town. It has the small-town feel of a mountain village, but it’s still really noisy, full of traffic jams and people. The highlight of the town is definitely the Temple of the Tooth, which is where Buddha’s tooth is said to be kept. THE Buddha. Apparently, as legend would have it, when Buddha was cremated, there was a tooth left in the cremains and that traveled around India for a few hundred years, then a princess smuggled it into Sri Lanka, hidden in her hair. (Much like drugs into Thailand with silly South Africans.)

We headed into the centre of the town, and asked our TukTuk driver to take us to a restaurant where HE would eat. We didn’t want touristy things. He took us to a small cafe in the corner of a parking lot next to the lake where we ordered ‘food’ with sign language of hand to mouth. We got a plastic bag filled with a rainbow of flavoured and spiced rice with a boiled egg. It was yum. It cost us R7. Then we booked tickets to the Kandyan cultural dance show and wandered around the entire circumference of the lake. Which is basically walking on a pavement with a noisy road to your right and a gorgeous pristine lake on your left. The lake was built by an emperor a few hundred years ago. He filled in rice paddies to create it. A lot of people in the town thought it was a white elephant and objected his campaign. Once the lake was inevitably created, the king had all those who had doubted him empaled on spikes at the bottom of the lake. Ew.

lunch in kandy was at a local's restaurant where they laughed at us for wanting cutlery.

lunch in kandy was at a local’s restaurant where they laughed at us for wanting cutlery.

The man-made lake creates a much needed breath of air in the town.

The man-made lake creates a much needed breath of air in the town. (So does looking at my boo.)

The chaotic city right next to the lake.

The chaotic city right next to the lake.


Scenes around lake Kandy


Beautiful but Busy.


innocuous street art next to Kandy’s lake


Kandy is in the mountain regions so the city exists on multiple levels.

IMG_3774 IMG_3820 IMG_3823 IMG_3827 IMG_3868 IMG_3838 IMG_3853 IMG_3856


From Kandyan Dancing to the Temple of the tooth, we had filled up with culture (and this was the most ‘touristy’ we ever felt in Sri Lanka. They hustle, beg and bargain with you much more in Kandy than anywhere else, you also have to join the pack of other tourists in the audience of the dancing and accessing the temples. Not ideal but worth experiencing)

Back to the hotel for an early night. Tomorrow is one more day exploring Kandy before catching a tuk tuk all the way up into higher altitudes, past waterfalls into TEA COUNTRY!

More on that, next time.


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I’m nominated for an Mbokodo Award in the Comedy Category! (Which makes sense, imagine I was nominated in the Architecture category? THAT would be comedic. “What is this, a house built for funny ants?!?”)

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 2.41.54 PM

I‘ve never been personally nominated for anything! Not even as a prefect in school (much to my family’s disappointment, and my non-surprise.)

I won an award for a poem, once I wrote when I was 11 years old. About Spring. Coz that warm weather really gets me waxing lyrical. Never mind that I was 11 in 1994 and I could have written a poem about the start of Democracy. The end of my country’s tragic law, the birth of Mandela’s rainbow nation – THAT should have won an award. But I was happily nestled in my white privilege, and SPRING was the most essential thing to put pen to paper about. I even rhymed womb with tomb. It was special. I called eggs tombs. That’s not deep that’s just wrong. It’s the literal opposite of a tomb. Unless you’re buying it to eat. Then perhaps. Wow. Maybe I am deep. I was advocating veganism. No wonder I had no friends.

But now I’m nominated for a real award, Mbokodo (which means rock) honours women in South Africa who are changing the field in their respective industries of the Arts. It’s curated by Carol Bower Productions and the Department of Arts and Culture.  You can read more here.

To be honest, I feel like I’ve somehow sneaked in under the radar. I don’t know how, who or when they chose me. You don’t register for this award, you don’t send in a submission – they watch the industries and you are nominated by an independent panel. So, HOW did they notice me? I’ve only been doing this for 4 years. I don’t really deserve it! (But I’ll take it!) I have a sneaky suspicion my latest show in Grahamstown at the National Arts festival is what caught their eye. I say this because in their bio of me on the website they quote some of the reviews that were in the Cue paper (the festival paper) this year. AND during one of my shows, there was a very official looking woman, with the ‘all access’ media passes around her neck, who sat in the front row with her arms crossed and never even cracking a smile. The whole way through my hour of hilarity. Any comedian will tell you, that even if, in a room of 100 audience members, 99 of them are laughing – we will only focus on that 1 who is not. She was my nemesis. I was convinced she was a reviewer and a scathing expose was about to surface. It didn’t. (Or maybe it did and my thoughtful friends managed to buy them all and burn them before my sensitive eyes discovered it. Just kidding, my friends are comedians. They would have wallpapered my car with that shit, making sure I saw it as they laughed in a bush nearby. I love them.)

But yes, here I am. Getting flown up to the awards in Joburg this Friday. (SAA, thank you very much. FREE FOOD ON THE PLANE. Whoo hoo! Luxury!) Getting free accommodation in the Raddison Blu, Sandton and getting the honour of being at the same event of people who are truly inspiring.

We all roll our eyes at the ‘It’s an honour just to be nominated’ schpeel. But that’s how I feel. Really. My fellow nominees are absolute powerhouses, Mel Jones and Irit Nobel. Two women who’ve been in the game much longer and, in many ways, paved the way for me. The 2014 winner is Celeste Ntuli, another absolute steam-train of a comedian. The Queen of Zulu comedy. Believe me when I say, I am honoured and humbled to even be on the same website as these women.

I’ll be wearing local Cape Town Designer, Blackeyed Susan (available at The Bromwell). I love their stuff. I’ve worn their dresses twice before. To two other awards shows – The Fleur Du Caps and the SAFTAs. (Both of which I wasn’t nominated for) Well, the SAFTA’s was for ZAnews and we had 11 nominations. Including ‘best writing’, but I doubt it was because of any of the ludicrous things I’ve written.

Other fabulous nominees include Tara Notcutt (for theatre) and Lauren Beukes (for creative writing). Are you kidding me?! I stayed up reading Lauren’s novel, Broken Monsters just last week – now I get to say I’m nominated for the same awards show that she is!? Pinch me! (I like it.)

*high five for ROCKS (Mbokodos)*



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Our currency is at a record low, again. And because this is the land that I love, our country folk took to twitter to make humour, not war. The hashtag #StrongerThanTheRand started this morning and is still going strong.

I tried to find a website with some of the best ‘Stronger than the Rand’ tweets, but couldn’t find a good one. So I thought I’d collect my faves.

Here, in no particular order, are some I saw – and lolled at. (Please comment your faves that I may have missed below!)

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 4.38.29 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 4.38.39 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 4.39.02 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 4.39.14 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 4.39.37 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 4.39.45 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 4.39.53 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 4.40.08 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 4.40.35 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 4.42.34 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 4.43.41 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 4.49.01 PMScreen Shot 2015-08-24 at 4.51.39 PM

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If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all…


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Fashion Friday – Radio Show.

Fashion Friday!

Today on my radio show it’s all about fashion, good causes and more fashion.

I’ll be chatting to Karisa Nicholls the Blogger known as @CTmylove and Anthony Smith from Ambienz Concierge @ambienz_  about Fashion Flavours and Art on Saturday, 8 August 2015. 
I will also have funky local designer Shana Morland in studio to discuss her upcoming show on the 1st August in Fashion Week. All garments are made locally with an emphasis on good construction techniques and design, resulting in great timeless pieces. The fabrics are sourced both locally and internationally, and every step is taken to ensure they are natural as far as possible. All prints are either hand printed or screen-printed with the highest-grade quality. Tune in to hear about which illustrator she has collaborated with for her SS1516 collection and Errol Arendz, her footwear partner. 
Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 12.00.36 PM
More about Fashion Flavours & Art: The gorgeous Shimmy Beach Club will act as the perfect backdrop for an evening of true elegance, rich flavours & inspiring creativity as we celebrate life with a night like no other.
Bentley’s luxury motor vehicles will set the scene as guests are welcomed with a unique cocktail creation by Brand House Luxury Blends.  As guests continue down the red carpet their senses will be ignited by the aromas of the Bvlgari fragrance bar and the breathtaking sculptures specially created by exciting young artist Adriaan Diedericks, whose sculptures have travelled as far as Belgium, London, Germany, Italy & California.
Our MC for the evening, Liezel van der Westhuizen, will greet guests as they mingle under Shimmy’s crystal chandeliers 
while enjoying canapés served by Sevruga Restaurant.  Evening entertainment will include:
 An opulent 1920s style photo booth
 An interactive art piece by local artist, Johnny van Zyl
 An opera performance by Given Nkosi
 Fashion shows by Molteno Creations & Gabriela Fraser Designs
 A dance performance by The Dance Centre
 As well as a 1950s inspired performance by the Femme Fatales
There will also be a host of fabulous raffle prizes up for grabs, with all funds raised through ticket sales & the raffle giveaways going directly to the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) – a cause close to the heart of so many 
South Africans today.
Each guest will walk away with a decadent thank you bag sponsored by Langaro Wellness Centre, Bvlgari, Le Kap Magazine and more, and everyone is invited to stay and party the night away at the official FF&A Shimmy Beach after party.
The theme for this year’s event is “Tell Your Story” and we invite everyone to come and share their stories of life, love and strength with us.  
To be part of this evening in support of an incredible cause, please take note of the following details:
 When:  Sat, 8 August 2015 @ 19:00
 Where:  Shimmy Beach Club, South Arm Road, V&A Waterfront
 Tickets:  R450 pp and available via Webtickets:
Tune in from 1-3pm on Friday 24th July 2015 here.
*high five*
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Grahamstown, National Arts Festival 3.0

My one woman show, Yes Really Angel is going back to the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown in 2015, for it’s 3rd and final run.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 6.11.34 PM

Directed by Nik Rabinowitz and produced by Siv Ngesi, this show marks my first meander into the world of full-length comedy. I cringe to think of it in its infancy in 2013 and am much more proud of the content now, in 2015. So make sure and check out the story of how I got my name, what it was like growing up as an awkward girl named after a stripper and how I tripped and fell, wearing red stilettoes and a bikini, into stand-up comedy. There’s also a good dose of observational humour where I impart my dark wit onto everything from Blackberry conspiracy theories, the zombie apocaplyse, useless guardian angels, tales of my time teaching English in South Korea and why we should avoid glitter. The usual things.

Check out the full listing of my appearances and times (Including appearances at Goliath&Goliath, Cape Town Comedy Club in G town and The Very Big Comedy Show) here.

Book for Yes Really Angel on the National Arts Festival page Here (I’ve already sold a bunch of tickets – yay-  so book now!)

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Mass Hysteria 2015



“The Long Bunfight to Freedom”


This year has been witness to the most extraordinary scenes of Parliamentary disorder ever, with fists flying, insults exchanged, mass walkouts and the deployment of SWAT teams in the House. Never before have overalls and berets been at the heart of potential darkness. The nation was astounded that not even load shedding could stop light from being cast on the shenanigans of our elected politicians.


They have accepted bribes, employed inept family and pick-pocketed the taxpayer as he waited for SAPS to pick up the phone. Have we, the people, unwittingly jumped from a frying pan into the fire?


What is the solution? Where will we find relief? Who can we look to for answers?


Nando’s is committed to keeping the heat on those responsible, and even though they don’t profess to have all the answers, they sure know how to turn on the burn.


The burn promises to come in several degrees, from the extra hot spice of John Vlismas, to the lemon and herb stylings of former caveman, Alan Committee, with many, many flavors in between.


Quite simply, if comedy had a government, this would be it. From the makers of “The Comics’ Choice Awards”, “Revelations”, “Bitches” and most other great comedy shows in the country comes the best comedy production of the year.


Look forward to a handpicked line-up of the best stand-ups in the country each night on one, beautifully designed stage. Book now and find out why comedians should be running the country – all proudly presented by the chicken that gets us talking – Nando’s.


Johannesburg show dates and line-up:


Nik Rabinowitz

Chester Missing

Tumi Morake

Mpho Popps Modikoane

John Vlismas

And for the first time in years….



Teatro, Montecasino

19 August – 23 August 2015


Cape Town show dates and line-up:


John Vlismas

Tumi Morake

Mpho Popps Modikoane

Alan Committie

Chester Missing*

Loyiso Gola




14 October – 25 October 2015

Artscape Opera House Theatre


Book for either (or both) Johannesburg and Cape Town runs atComputicket as soon as you can, or you will lose out, and your friends will avoid you and it will be awkward.


**Please note that due to availability Conrad Koch/Chester Missing will be performing for a select number of Cape Town show dates up to 20 October 2015.

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