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5 Commandments of Shopping

If Moses came down the mountain with the commandments in modern times, I wonder if the tablet he’d be carrying would be an android or an ipad3. Would there be a 10 commandments app we could all download?

If Trevor Manuel would have come down Table Mountain with a tablet to deliver the Ten Commandments of intelligent spending it might aid us a bit more. Until then, let’s go with half a tablet– a compact bite sized, or is it byte size– 5 commandments of intelligent shopping:

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moneysmart column: Budgucated

My latest column on moneysmart was all about reflecting on the budget challenge that I took part in.

Budgeting can be fiddly

If you didn’t notice the #budgetchallenge hashtag this week, or the multiple moneysmart Facebook posts asking for votes, popping up everywhere, then I don’t know what rock you’ve been hiding under – but I’d venture a guess that’s it’s somewhere past Limpopo.

The Budget Challenge was moneysmart’s latest brainchild where they made 10 journalists battle it out for 7 days. “Battle” you muse? Yes, the oldest, most gentlemanly type of battle. The kind that would make Shakespearean Merchants of Venice proud – a battle of financial wit (and a fair dose of social media – I think we’ve lost Shakespeare on that point)… Read More

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