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Protest to Be Happier!

One of my ‘29 before 29‘ wish lists was to Stage a Protest outside Parliament. Every day I drive past some or other irate group of people, shouting about something that is wrong with the world. Now, I’m not saying … Continue reading

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Joy. It’s the little things. Every Day.

31st December 2011, midnight: filled with drunken recounts of Auld Lang Syne, yelled at the moon – where no one really knows the words anyway so are all just joined together in a collaborative group hug and shouting of ‘lahs’. … Continue reading

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Joy for all Humanity.

We survived the Rapture. (or we were all left behind) What better time than now to revel in humanity? Our commonality. This video is 3 years old. It is popular. Most people have seen it. I have seen it many … Continue reading

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When I Grow up… This:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-94JhLEiN0&w=425&h=349] This video is pure and simply: Amazing. I want to kiss all of them, with tongue. It’s been watched over 66 million times, so you may have seen it – but dammit, watch it again. Nothing will cheer … Continue reading

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